Theatre tickets now on sale for The Government Inspector

Failure. Inadequacy.

Sloppiness. Carelessness.

Negligence. Incompetence. Denial.

Why would a Government fear a Government Inspector?

We are excited to begin our touring production for 2023/24 is a Splendid creative adaptation of ‘The Government Inspector’, an 1836 comedy written by Ukrainian playwright Nickolai Gogol.

The play is a satirical prod at power, privilege, corruption and classism set in a small provincial town whose public servants – including the untrustworthy Mayor – are told they are to be assessed by an anonymous official: The Government Inspector.

At the same time, an idiotic aristocratic stranger arrives in town, setting the stage for an escalating masterclass in political farce.

In Splendid’s new adaptation, a highly skilled cast of three will populate an entire town of panicking officials, dismayed citizens and feckless fantasists in a fast-paced, one-hour performance which asks: if absolute power corrupts absolutely, what happens when you only have a tiny bit of power? 

SEPTEMBER 2023 UPDATE: We’re delighted to say that the schools’ tour is now provisionally sold out, so the best way to see the show now is to come and see us in a theatre. Tickets are now available for all 5 theatre venues we’re visiting this tour – dates and links are below. If you are interested in an in-school performance, you can fill in our booking form to be added to our waiting list as there are often cancellations over the course of the tour. 

Click here for prices and full tour details

Tues 21 November 2023 (4.30pm & 7pm)Lowry, Salford - tickets available now from £16.50*
Thurs 23 November 2023 (4.30pm & 7pm)Pleasance, London - tickets on sale now £14-£15*
Thurs 25 January 2024 (4.30pm & 7pm)Quarry Theatre, Bedford - tickets available now £12.50-£14.50*
Tues 20 February 2024 (7pm)Blake Theatre, Monmouth - tickets available now £12-£14*
Thurs 7 March 2024 (4.30pm & 7pm)MAST Studios, Southampton - tickets available now £13*

*Theatre ticket prices may include booking fees. Group rates are available, please contact theatre box offices for full details.

Splendid Shop Update - September 2023

End of our free-streaming offer

As you might know, for the last 2 years we have been offering free online streaming of our videos to owners of any of our DVDs. This was to support remote teaching during COVID-enforced lockdowns.

This offer came to an end on 1 September 2023, and we will no longer offer free streaming to people who have previously bought DVDs.

However, now we are firmly in the streaming era, we have updated our shop with a range of new streaming video/teaching resources offers.

  • Introducing! 1-year streaming for our production videos (£35) – in addition to our existing 30-day streaming you can now get access to the stream of each of our shows for 1 year for £35.
    Regular Splendid shoppers will notice that this is the same price our production DVDs, and we are combining these two products so that each 1-year rental comes with a free optional DVD (or if you prefer: each DVD comes with FREE 1-year streaming!). It’s the best of both worlds – or, if you already own the DVD but would like to take advantage of a year-long rental of lovely high-definition video that you can share with your department and/or students*, you can decide not to include the DVD during checkout.
  • But that’s not all! With the 1-year stream you can take advantage of our multi-buy offer, which works the same as it did in the DVD-times – the more titles you buy (in a single purchase) the more you save! Full details are here.
  • But even that is not all! We have upgraded our Production Super Pack to the Streaming Super Pack which includes a 1-year stream, optional DVD, physical script and the education pack (which comes as both a hard copy and a sharable online-only version) – all for the same reduced price of £55.

Meanwhile the £7.50 30-day streaming options are still available (any existing rentals will be unaffected), along with our excellent streaming-only training videos, and physical script and education packs.

We have also updated the purchasing process to make streaming video easier to buy for someone else.

Access to the video is now managed by a digital coupon that is automatically generated by your purchase and sent to the email address of your choice. This makes it easy for finance officers to buy access on behalf of drama departments for example, or your mum to buy you a streaming coupon for your birthday (highly recommended).

Once rented, the video is linked to a Splendid Shop account, which users can log in to at any time during the rental period to watch the video. *Unlike Netflix, we are happy for account details to be shared within institutions (within reason) so that a single rental can for example be watched by students at home.

All the new options are now live at the Splendid Shop, and there are extensive step-by-step instructions for buying, sharing and streaming your videos if you need more information. Our unique selection of Mind Maps, CPD videos and free resources are all still available as before.

Take me to the shop!

More Midsummer Magic at Shakepeare North & Shakespeare's Globe - now nominated for an OLIVIER AWARD!

Sam Glen, Melanie Brown, Kerry Frampton and Jamal Franklin in the 2022 production of Midsummer Mechanicals. Photo by Manuel Harlan

Well, we didn’t win (massive congratulations to the Hey Duggee team!), but we are delighted, honoured and a little bit shocked that our co-production with Shakespeare’s Globe ‘Midsummer Mechanicals’ was nominated for Best Family Show at the 2023 Olivier Awards!

But even better, we’re excited to announce that our gloriously silly (award-nominated) summertime Shakespeare-adjacent family show Midsummer Mechanicals is being revived in July & August 2023. The run begins with 6 performances only at the wonderful new playhouse Shakespeare North in Prescot before returning to the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare’s Globe in London for five weeks of daytime theatrical fun.

Midsummer Mechanicals follows the talented amateur theatre-makers from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as they prepare to perform a brand new play in the Duke’s specially created Playhouse. Unfortunately, half an hour before the Duke arrives, most of the props, some of the cast and the end of the script are still missing… what could possibly go right?

The show is a co-production between Splendid and Shakespeare’s Globe that debuted in summer 2022, and was such a triumph that – like the Mechanicals themselves – they asked us back to do it all again.

Tickets are on sale now. The performance lasts around 1hr 45mins including an interval, suitable for ages 5+ : a very splendid way to spend your midsummer!

Shakespeare North performances:

Saturday 15 July – Tuesday 18 July 2023 – CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

Shakespeare’ Globe performances:

Saturday 22 July – Sat 26 August 2023 – CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW

The Olivier Awards will be presented on 2 April 2023. We’ll let you know how it goes! 

Happy New Academic Year!

Welcome back everyone! Just as a reminder, we are not planning to run a touring production for 2022/23 – our first year off since 2004! – but we will continue to offer our usual workshop programme.

We will be announcing some additional Splendid activities throughout the  year, so keep checking back for the latest news…

In the meantime you can browse all our past productions, stream films of them online, or buy lots of lovely production resources.

UBU on film: online and on DVD now

Notorious tyrant UBU may (or may not) be locked up in his cell, but we can announce that the film of our production has now been released!

The multi-camera film is a live recording of our performance at The Quarry Theatre in Autumn 2021, and provides incredible detail for those writing about the production, and incredible entertainment for those who enjoy high-quality theatre.

The film is available now to buy on DVD (from £35) or to stream instantly online from our shop (£7.50 for 30 days’ access).

Also available is the UBU script (including extensive notes and production photos, £15) and our 44-page UBU education pack (£12) – or you can combine DVD, script and pack in our £55 UBU Super Pack offer.

FREE STREAMING OFFER: We are continuing our COVID offer of including free streaming with all DVD purchases for the foreseeable future – we’ll send more information about this when we confirm any DVD orders. We’re also happy to facilitate sharing streaming rentals to allow students to watch remotely. For more information about this email


Can’t get enough Splendid streaming? Rent more, save more with our special streaming offer.

Rent any 2 of our streaming training titles ‘Splendid Style: Being Splendid‘, ‘Devising Political Theatre online CPD‘ or ‘Practical Guide to Brecht online CPDand save £5. Rent all 3 and save £10!

The discount is automatically calculated during checkout and applies to instant streaming access and access codes purchased for other users.

Please note: this offer only applies to rentals purchased in the same transaction. 

A4 & A3 size 4-pack discounts

Save money on A4-sized Mind Maps and Top Tip Sheets and A3-sized Mind Maps!

A4 Mind Map/Top Tip 4-pack: £40 (choose any 4 titles save £8 – combinations of Mind Maps and Top Tips are fine)
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Scale up your discounts! Choose titles in multiples of 4 for best price, eg. buy 16 x A4 titles, save £40! 

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Digital & Physical Production Resources

Streaming video rentals:
£7.50 for 30 days’ access
£35.00 for 1 year’s access (includes optional DVD, and multiple title offer applies)

Scripts (physical product): £15
Education Packs (digital & physical): £5 /£12

Special offer Production Streaming Super Packs (1-year stream, optional DVD, script & education pack by title): £55

Special offer Multiple title discounts: 2xtitles £60 / 3xtitles £85 / 4xtitles £110 / 5xtitles £140 / 6xtitles £160 / 7xtitles £180 / 8xtitles £195 / 9xtitles £210 / 10xtitles £230 / 11xtitles £245


Mind Maps

available in 3 sizes, laminated for extra protection

A4: £12  / A3: £20  / A2: £30

Performance Skills Top Tip Sheets

laminated, A4 size only

Special offer Mind Map 4-pack 

Any 4 x A4 Mind Maps and/or Tip Sheets: £40
Any 4 x A3 Mind Maps: £70

Splendid Streaming Training videos

Splendid Style: Being Splendid £35 for 1 year’s access

Online CPDs: £20 for 30 days’ access
Devising Political Theatre online CPD
Practical Guide to Bertolt Brecht online CPD

Special offer rent any 2 training video titles, save £5 – rent any 3 titles save £10

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