Midsummer Mechanicals (Summer 2022)


"... a matchless way of introducing ancient theatre to the young."

South Wales Argus


"The performance was absolutely brilliant! ... The fact that it is very different from the original performance conditions gives the students lots to compare and discuss in the exam"

Nicky Rope, Head of Drama,
Tewkesbury School


"Yet another example of how Brecht's techniques can be used so effectively. The humour is what the students remember!"

Bryan Sluman, Drama Teacher,
Ashfield School


"Energised, clever, accessible and utterly enjoyable"

Liz Jones, Drama Teacher,
St Edmund's School


"Particularly funny and the contrast between comedy and tragedy was brilliant"

Pip Cawte, Head of Drama,
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital


"[We] were thoroughly enthralled... Days like this are what the students will remember!"

Rob Smith, Head of Drama,
St Augustine's Catholic College


"Creative and inspiring"

Rachel Brownsword, Head of Drama,
St Mary's Catholic High School


"Students are enthused by what they saw and are already discussing ideas they can use in future devising projects... Thanks for a great theatrical experience!"

Emma Hudson, Head of Drama,


"An outstanding Brechtian tour de force! The emotional punch at the end was brilliant."

Berj Tekerian, Learning Leader Expressive Arts,
Amersham School


"Sophisticated and yet deceptively simple, putting acting skills at the forefront. It is also fabulous CPD for us teachers."

Lara Ramrattan, Head of Drama,
Ilkley Grammar School


"Splendid continually bring new and exciting ideas"

Gemma Brown, Drama Teacher,
The John of Gaunt School


"Exceeded expectations on all levels, imaginative, hilarious and heartbreaking all at once!"

Carl Dinnington, Head of Drama,
Poole Grammar School for Boys


 Kerry Frampton, Jamal Franklin, Melody Brown & Sam Glen in Splendid’s 2022 production of Midsummer Mechanicals (photos: Manuel Harlan)

In Summer 2022 Splendid Productions staged a collaboration with Shakespeare’s Globe in London. Midsummer Mechanicals, a new play based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream ran in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in July and August 2022.

On a beautiful summer’s evening one year ago, a band of craftspeople-turned-actors, led by Nick Bottom, staged their first ever play. It was so bold, so brilliant and so chaotic that it went down in theatre history.

Now these Mechanicals are back to premiere their latest tragical, magical masterpiece, and with half an hour to go until curtain-up, everything is in hand. The actors are (almost) assembled, the play is (nearly) rehearsed, and the audience (that’s you!) are ready. What could possibly go wrong? Everything, it turns out.

Join us for side-splitting fun and mayhem as the Mechanicals create their second play – with your help! Packed with silly props, sillier costumes and an eye-popping finale, this theatrical dream like no other will delight the young and the young at heart alike.

Midsummer Mechanicals poster design: Michael Cranston

Splendid Productions’ ‘Midsummer Mechanicals’
Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare’s Globe, London 28 July – 21 August 2022
Written by:  Kerry Frampton & Ben Hales
Additional material by: William Shakespeare
Directed by:  Lucy Cuthbertson, Kerry Frampton
Songs by:  Ben Hales & Kerry Frampton
Design by: Rose Revitt

Cast & Characters

Jamal Franklin: Peter Quince
Kerry Frampton: Nicholas Bottom
Melody Brown: Patience Snout
Sam Glen: Francis Flute


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