Current Production: UBU (Autumn 2020 - Spring 2022)

“Some people would say that UBU did terrible, blooderous things…”

Behold the tale of UBU! He likes power so much he refuses to give it back.  

UBU! Can you resist the charm of this puffed-up lump as he guffs his way to THE TOP? 

UBU!! Watch as this all-conquering buffoon deviously despatches anyone who gets in his way.

Who will stop UBU?  No one will stop UBU!

Expect the unexpected! … Or the entirely predictable!


Splendid Productions present a brand new creative adaptation of Alfred Jarry’s surrealist classic. We explore power, leadership and ambition with our usual heady concoction of music, laughter, politics, foolishness and hard-hitting theatrical nonsense.


Think there’s no theatre after lockdown? THINK AGAIN!

Our Artistic Director Kerry Frampton has come out of retirement to perform our creative adaptation UBU, based on the PATAPHYSICALLY STUPID proto-DADAist play sequence created by Alfred Jarry. The production is now available to book until April 2022.

The show is created for a self-contained cast of two (Kerry and Splendid Veteran Scott Smith), and designed to adapt to any social distancing guidelines in effect. No lighting or additional technical equipment is required – get-in and set-up can all be done by the cast.

We are offering UBU as

  • a 3hr session (60min performance with one or two 90min workshop/s) – £600+VAT
  • a 6hr session (60min performance with one or two 4hr workshop/s) – £1100+VAT
  • 60min performance only with optional Q&A session (includes evening sessions) – £600+VAT
  • Public performances in some actual theatres (!)

December 2021 update: The Spring tour of the show is now sold out for in-school performances and workshops, but you are still welcome to use the booking form to  be added to our waiting list, as there are often cancellations (especially at the moment!)

There is no restriction on audience size for the performance (allowing for distancing guidelines), and we can provide 1 or 2 simultaneous 90-minute/4hr workshops, with a maximum of 20 in each group if appropriate spaces are available. We will adhere to any group size restrictions in place at your school.

The workshops accompanying UBU are a choice of:

  • UBU: Splendid Style – what we did and how we did it
  • Practitioner workshop on Brecht – key techniques
  • Physical Ensemble Storytelling – making performances thoroughly theatrical

The session price includes our fattest-ever 45-page education pack, and the production will be filmed for a DVD/streaming release planned for early 2022.

Theatre dates and tour schedule are below, you can use the booking form or email us if you have any questions.

More information: Production prices

UBU Theatre Dates


Tues 18 January 2022

4.30pm / 7.00pm / 020 8858 7755 – ON SALE NOW

Tues 1 March 2022

4.30pm / 7.00pm / 020 7609 1800 – ON SALE NOW

Thurs 3 March 2022

2.30pm / 0118 974 3247 – ON SALE NOW

Thurs 24 March 2022

7.00pm / 01600 719401 – ON SALE NOW

Ticket Prices from £12.50 (£10.50 concessions). Prices vary and booking fees may apply. Group rates are available, contact theatre box offices for best offers.

UBU tour schedule (2022)

5 - 7 JanuaryTo be scheduled
11 - 13 JanuaryTo be scheduled
17 - 20 JanuaryLondon & surrounding area
Tues 18 JanuaryGreenwich Theatre, London
11 FebruaryTo be scheduled
21 - 25 FebruaryTo be scheduled
17 - 20 JanuaryLondon & surrounding area
Tues 1 MarchPleasance, London
2 MarchTo be scheduled
Thurs 3 MarchWhitty Theatre, Wokingham
8 - 10 MarchTo be scheduled
15 - 17 MarchTo be scheduled
Thurs 24 MarchBlake Theatre, Monmouth

Splendid Productions’ ‘UBU’
Touring until Spring 2022
Based on: The Ubu Plays by Alfred Jarry
Adapted by: Kerry Frampton & Ben Hales
Directed by: Kerry Frampton
Additional Direction by: Matt Wilde, Cordelia Stevenson
Songs by:  Ben Hales
Design by: Kerry Frampton
Costume by: Kerry Frampton, Heather Castle-Rainsbury

Cast & Characters

Kerry Frampton: UBU
Scott Smith:
The Writer

Splendid Production Prices

In-school Production Price (exc VAT)
Production performance (approx 1hr) and 1.5hr workshop/s £600.00
Production performance (approx 1hr) and 4hr workshop/s £1100.00
Production performance only with optional post-show discussion (includes evening performances) £600.00

Our production tours usually include public performances in theatres. Tickets for these are available directly from venues – full details are posted on the production page.

AUTUMN 2021 UPDATE: There is no restriction on audience size for the performance (allowing for distancing guidelines), and we can provide 1 or 2 simultaneous workshops, with a maximum of 20 in each group if appropriate spaces are available. We will adhere to any group size restrictions in place at your school.
Please use the button below to request a performance with our online form.


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