Prices & Booking

All prices shown here are exclusive of 20% VAT and correct until January 2024. 

Production Prices

In-school Production Price (exc VAT)
Production performance (approx 1hr) and 30 min post-show Q&A (includes evening performances) £650.00
Production performance (approx 1hr) and 4hr workshop/s £1300.00

Prices include travel & subsistence. Our production tours usually include public performances in theatres. Tickets for these are available directly from venues – full details are posted on the production page.

There is no restriction on audience size for the performance, and we can provide 1 or 2 simultaneous workshops, with a maximum of 25 in each group if appropriate spaces are available. Please use the button below to request a performance with our online form.

Workshop Prices

Workshops 3 hours 6 hours 9 hours+ / residencies
Full Practitioner session
Mini Practitioner session
(2 in 3hrs, 3 in 6hrs)
Physical Theatre
Devising Skills
Text Exploration
Splendid Style
Bespoke Workshops
(exc VAT)
(exc VAT)
2 hours max
Online Sessions
(available for all above sessions)
(exc VAT)
n/a n/a

Maximum number of students per session is 30. We will adhere to any group size restrictions in place at your school.

We try to avoid supplementary travel or subsistence costs, although these may be added where the travel time exceeds the workshop time. All bookings are subject to our cancellation policy.

International work / Online workshops / Masterclasses / CPD

International: Splendid love travelling! We have led workshops and toured our productions internationally for many years and are always open to invitations from outside the UK. Each international project is priced individually, get in touch to find out more.

Online: We have extended our online workshops to include practical work led by an online practitioner. Please use the workshop enquiry form to tell us what you’d like your online session to include – we can cover all our usual workshop subjects.

We price sessions individually depending on content and duration, so please let us know how long you require and we will respond with a quote. Online sessions can take place outside of UK school hours.

Prices for our other projects (residencies, bespoke productions, INSET sessions, etc) are quoted individually. If you are interested in discussing these further, please contact Splendid Productions, or call us on 020 8318 6469.


Can’t get enough Splendid streaming? Rent more, save more with our special streaming offer.

Rent any 2 of our streaming training titles ‘Splendid Style: Being Splendid‘, ‘Devising Political Theatre online CPD‘ or ‘Practical Guide to Brecht online CPDand save £5. Rent all 3 and save £10!

The discount is automatically calculated during checkout and applies to instant streaming access and access codes purchased for other users.

Please note: this offer only applies to rentals purchased in the same transaction. 

A4 & A3 size 4-pack discounts

Save money on A4-sized Mind Maps and Top Tip Sheets and A3-sized Mind Maps!

A4 Mind Map/Top Tip 4-pack: £40 (choose any 4 titles save £8 – combinations of Mind Maps and Top Tips are fine)
A3 Mind Map 4-pack: £70 (choose any 4 titles, save £10)

Scale up your discounts! Choose titles in multiples of 4 for best price, eg. buy 16 x A4 titles, save £40! 

Discount is applied to your cart automatically.


Digital & Physical Production Resources

Streaming video rentals:
£7.50 for 30 days’ access
£35.00 for 1 year’s access (includes optional DVD, and multiple title offer applies)

Scripts (physical product): £15
Education Packs (digital & physical): £5 /£12

Special offer Production Streaming Super Packs (1-year stream, optional DVD, script & education pack by title): £55

Special offer Multiple title discounts: 2xtitles £60 / 3xtitles £85 / 4xtitles £110 / 5xtitles £140 / 6xtitles £160 / 7xtitles £180 / 8xtitles £195 / 9xtitles £210 / 10xtitles £230 / 11xtitles £245


Mind Maps

available in 3 sizes, laminated for extra protection

A4: £12  / A3: £20  / A2: £30

Performance Skills Top Tip Sheets

laminated, A4 size only

Special offer Mind Map 4-pack 

Any 4 x A4 Mind Maps and/or Tip Sheets: £40
Any 4 x A3 Mind Maps: £70

Splendid Streaming Training videos

Splendid Style: Being Splendid £35 for 1 year’s access

Online CPDs: £20 for 30 days’ access
Devising Political Theatre online CPD
Practical Guide to Bertolt Brecht online CPD

Special offer rent any 2 training video titles, save £5 – rent any 3 titles save £10

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Multiple 1yr stream/DVD discount

There’s a discount for buying multiple 1yr streams/DVDs in a single order – add more to your cart and save more!

1 title: £35
2 titles: £60
3 titles: £85
4 titles: £110
5 titles: £140
6 titles: £160
7 titles: £180
8 titles: £195
9 titles: £210
10 titles: £230
11 titles: £245

The discount applies to all production titles, and will be calculated automatically when you check out.

Please note: This offer does not apply to Super Packs (DVD/Stream, script and education pack offer)