Client Feedback

A selection of responses to our work from the best, most well-informed people in the world, without whom we literally couldn’t do it: our clients:

“[Splendid] are not only inspirational but give students access to some very difficult skills and texts which challenge and engage them in such a delightful way. Splendid are really serious about helping young people (and Old!) understand and engage with theatre using their own trademark creative style.”
Dawn Elliot, Head of Drama, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

“The students learn a lot about theatre when they watch you. They learn about creating new material, how small sets and simple costumes can be used by actors to great effect and how to be bold in characterisation. Your Brechtian influences are also very useful as there are usually few opportunities for students to see some of these ideas in a practical context.”
Cheri Whitehouse, Head of Drama and Theatre, Hereford Sixth Form College

“Wonderful team behind each production, challenging and inspirational work, in depth resource pack, potential to purchase DVD to use for revision purposes for live theatre review work.”
Helen Macken, Head of Drama, Rainham Mark Grammar School

“I use Splendid every year for Year 13’s re-interpretation based on WJRC syllabus. The kids watch Woyzeck and then have a go at using Splendid’s conventions to create their own. We’ve done A Doll’s House, Dr Faustus, Everyman, Antigone, The Persians, Amadeus so far. We love your style. I was particularly pleased with our The Persians this year. What a bore the original is but we had rap, football chants, horoscopes and a little snatch of Hamilton in ours and got loads of audience laughs. So, thanks for existing, we love you.”
Elaine Allen

“… vast amount of skills displayed in professional way for students to emulate… We use it for GCSE and A Level style and live theatre. We’ve gone from 52% pass rates to 100% … We love you”
Mark Oakshott, Head of Drama, All Hallows Catholic School

“Communication and admin is easy. This all helps when teachers are busy!”
Pip Hockenhull, Director of Drama, Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital

“Great ideas for developing character and reinforced the maxim, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse… The entire experience was invaluable as it all cleverly demonstrated, interlinked and reinforced the good performance practice.”
Philip Hindle, Theatre Manager, Co-op Academy Manchester

“I would not hesitate to book Splendid again – or recommend them.”
Michael Mitchell, Curriculum Leader of Drama & Theatre, Xaverian College

“The teaching pack was amazing.”
Julia Mallard, Head of Performing Arts, Kettering Science Academy

“Last year, four of our GCSE students achieved 32/32 on their final examination writing about The Oresteia… The performance was accessible and inspiring and the education pack is fully comprehensive and focused… Fantastic value for money.”
Sharon Leftwich-Lloyd, Lead Practitioner for Drama, The Polesworth School

“I will recommend you to every drama teacher that I meet!”
Alex Weller, Subject Leader Drama, Plume Academy

“I know that we always get a quality performance.”
Fiona Hamill, Drama teacher, Loreto Grammar School

“We will certainly be asking you guys back again and again!”
Robert Sealey, Westfield Academy

“For the high standard of the performance and the outcome of the student’s experience from the workshop, it was priceless.”
Zak Lewis, Subject Leader of Drama, Nicholas Chamberlaine School

“The workshop really supported the students in understanding ‘doing’ is better than ‘talking’, and how engaging with the audience is crucial… Thank you for another fab play, educational pack and session.”
Chrissie Carter, Head of Drama, Aylesford School

“[The packs are] a fantastic help for those of us who teach GCSE and A Level Drama. The background and insight into the process is exactly the sort of information we need to enjoy the performance, and enhance our understanding. (You can quote me on that!)”
Jill Leicester

“Splendid are the best company that tour to schools! Students were able to see the standard of performance that could be achieved in their own studio space and get ideas to copy in their own devised work.”
Jessica Gill, Head of Drama, St Mary’s Catholic School

“… where there is no access to live theatre the SQA has given us the freedom to use a DVD of a production… Can I also take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with all the productions I have seen on DVD of yours as I find them accessible and engaging for my pupils”
Darren Souter, Principal Teacher of Expressive and Performing Arts, Glenwood High School

“Inspiring, passionate, thoughtful, creative theatre at an affordable price IN OUR SCHOOL!”
James Watson, Leader of Learning – Drama, Imberhorne School

“Attention to detail and high expectations … quality guaranteed”
Sally Bruton, Head of Drama, Loughborough Grammar School

“Highly professional and engaging performance. Completely relevant to our pupils, most of whom will not have seen a piece of theatre like this.”
Louise Eden, Drama Teacher, Northgate High School

“You guys were awesome! Fantastic/inspirational role models for our Performing Arts students to watch and have the opportunity to work with. Great teaching resource as all the techniques and devices are so visible.”
Nigel Paul, Exeter College

“The resource pack is extremely detailed, knowledgeable and models expertly how to write about adapting materials, researching theatre and preparing a role which is really helpful to the pupils and myself.”
Dawn Elliot, Head of Drama, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

“Can’t wait for the teaching pack and DVD, but we use this for our devising and live response elements, the kids are always so inspired by the actors… Splendid work is fantastic!”
Gemma Higgins, Teacher of Drama, Thomas Hardye School

“I love that we are able to request such personalised requirements and the performers can be even further responsive to need through discussion on the day – hugely versatile and beneficial to staff and students. “
David Hilton, Area Leader for Arts & Technology, Cottingham High School

“… the style performed, the DVD, the script and the A3 poster make it very easy for students to understand, interpret and evaluate for their exam. The style has also worked extremely well for the performance aspects of our course. Students are able to easily emulate it, yet it is still sophisticated to force them to strive. Last year we had students get perfect marks in Section C … We attribute a large portion of this success to studying and viewing Splendid’s work for the duration of their 2 year course. A level was also 100% A-B with the girls directly using Splendid Style and performances at a much higher level and still coming out with strong grades.”
Mark Oakshott, Head of Drama, All Hallows Catholic School

“We get a lot of value from the pack that comes with the show and the DVD is essential gold for us”
Danell Dearden, Head of Drama, Lytham St Annes Technology & Performing Arts College

“I am convinced that the teachers pack and DVD was the reason behind some of our amazing exam results for the Live Theatre question!”
Hannah Shields, Kesgrave High School

“We work with you every year and the performances and workshops are of the highest standard. This quality is sooooo hard to find!”
Kathryn Moore, Head of Drama, Gordon’s School

“We love your philosophy and way of working. We also love that you know, and are able to provide what schools really need from this sort of experience.”
Simon Meredith, Drama Teacher, Twynham School

“I have had many theatre companies come in and work with the students over the years but I have never enjoyed having a group in so much. The cast were so accommodating and professional and a true pleasure to work with. Thank you a million times for such an amazing theatrical experience.”
Cath Pepper, Head of Drama, Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School 

“We must have seen at least a dozen Splendid productions now, and we’ve never been disappointed.”
Annette Harris, Head of Drama, Leicester Grammar School

“We have seen your work before and we own a number of your DVDs. You’re the best resource out there for teaching Brecht.”
Stephanie Patchett-Byrne, Drama Teacher, St. Wilfrid’s Academy

“Always know that in booking a performance and workshop with Splendid Productions you can guarantee the quality… Knowing that we can order the DVD and script later on means that we can use these resources as excellent revision material.”
Caz Barber, Head of Performing Arts, The Queen Katherine School

“Great way of introducing ideas and techniques that the students can use in their own devised work… The best, most creative theatre company working today.”
Phil Gascoyne, Head of Drama, Brookfield Community School

“For both staff and students it exceeded our expectations. We often share the performance videos we have with students and the live event surpassed their ideas of what the production would be. They were enthralled.
The workshop was full of energy and engaged all the students involved. The messages given and way of working has had a profound effect on how the students approach their learning. Fast paced and informative!… They now have transferable knowledge to help with all their study. The change in work ethic is already apparent.”
Caila Carr, Subject Leader of Drama, City of Norwich School

“The department have used Splendid before and cannot fault the professionalism, quality and value the company bring. The relevant content only cemented the ideas that we needed to show the students your work.”
Serena Mills, Ranelagh School

“Splendid’s productions are a fantastic way for students to see technique and style of practitioners in practice. So many influences from Lecoq, Berkoff, Brecht, etc – all can be referred to in lessons after they have seen something. Great to get ideas for imaginative and creative devising projects too!”
Leo Cox, Head of Performance Faculty, Ormiston Sudbury Academy

“We use you as practitioner examples in both A Level and BTEC… we book every year because it benefits us in so many ways”
Sarah Waterman, Subject Area Manager for Performance & Film , Palmer’s College

“We try to take our GCSE and A Level students to see Splendid productions whenever we can. They often choose to cite Splendid in their written work and it is clear from their practical work that they have been inspired by Splendid’s work. It is also a great way for students to see Brechtian theatrical techniques used within a performance in an accessible and creative way. Thankyou for the work you do and for making theatre so enjoyable and accessible for students, encouraging them to take risks and commit to their own performances.”
Lizzie Bloomfield, Head of Performing Arts, Oldfield School

“I can’t think of another company who offers such an original, contemporary and student friendly theatrical experience.”
Hayley McNally, Head of Creative Learning Faculty, Broadgreen International School

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to you from all the students and myself. The feedback from them was amazing! They loved the activities, learnt tonnes and especially liked the professionalism and high standard you were asking of them. It really made them work hard and think about what their strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to devising and being part of such a challenging devising process. So a huge thank you to you for making it such a special day.”
Laura Alexander, Head of Drama, Chipping Norton School

“Some companies provide a perfectly adequate session but without the love, the zest and the daring to make a real impact. However, you demonstrate gesture, inflection and attitude at every turn. Humour became a key tool. I have rarely seen students laugh with such abandon. Your praise was generously heaped but only for some progress made. And the mark of a good session: the students got better. In short, you left us with something to build on.”
Andrew Brook, Head of Drama, Sutton Valence School

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and your wonderful team for our workshops and performance yesterday – it was such a fantastic day. The team were so warm and flexible in dealing with the students and helping them to access the complexities of the text, of Brecht and to get them engaged in physical theatre! I am very keen to work with you a bit more, is it too early to book for next year? … I have had such lovely feedback from parents and our students who can be a tough crowd! Kerry and her team were brilliant to watch, I think we enjoyed the day as much as the kids!”
Naomi Akielan, Head of Drama, Hinchingbrooke School

“I just wanted to say I had my final Splendid workshop yesterday (the third in 5 years) and it was amazing! It was such a freeing experience and I’m so excited to use the skills and tips on stage. The performance was fantastic, I loved every minute of it! Coming from quite a traditional school where occasionally the girls are sidelined in drama, it was beautiful to see these three amazing women rule the stage in so many guises.”
Beth, Student

“I have been booking Splendid Theatre for the past 6 years and the standard of their work and the creativity of their approach never wanes. This is a company who visit us on an annual basis, bringing their unique interpretations of set texts to perform to our students.Each production is impeccably rehearsed and disciplined in execution, reinforcing the strong theatrecraft tradition of this company – an important message for students to learn.

The artistic interpretation of the plays themselves are wonderful. The company works very hard to make the text accessible for its audience but without compromising the play’s integrity. This results in a performance style that has come to be Splendid’s trademark – one that overflows with energy, is inventive in staging and sparkles with witty banter and repartee.

The students’ response to Splendid’s work over the years has consistently been extremely positive. They are inspired by the simple yet imaginative use of space, props and costume; they admire the ease with which the actors convey complex characters and ultimately, they respect the way that this small company is able to convey narrative that enthuses, engages and connects with its audience. Splendid manage to entertain and educate, no mean feat.”
Mitch Winfield, Course Director BA (Hons) Education: Secondary Drama, Cardiff Metropolitan University

“I have worked with Splendid Productions for the last 5 years and I will continue to use them for as long as I am teaching. Their workshops are a wonderful resource not only for the students who thrive under the tutelage of the workshop leaders but I too have become a much better practitioner through observing the excellent practice and employing their ideologies and techniques into my teaching.

I have also had the privilege of bringing Splendid Productions in to my school to perform their unique interpretations of The Trial and Medea. With each performance I have been overawed by the quality of the performance both in terms of their innovative staging and the quality of the acting. The subsequent workshops have inspired and developed my students beyond all recognition. Year on year, I have seen my students apply a range of techniques and ideas that they would have normally not have attempted, but because of the confidence instilled by the workshop leaders they take risks that almost always pay off.

I would recommend Splendid Productions to everyone the performances are innovative and thought provoking and the workshops are truly inspiring.Thank you Splendid Productions on behalf of all my students who would never have dared to take the risk and would have never reaped the rewards.”
Louise Davey Head of Drama The Harefield Academy

“Splendid Productions are an innovative, creative company that totally inspire the young people they work with. We have been working with Kerry Frampton and Splendid Productions for the last 8 years and every year they never fail to teach our students something new. It is also a truly fantastic CDP opportunity for staff.

Kerry and her team always approach the drama theory in a fun and engaging way so that the students are able to grasp the ideas easily and experiment with the work of practitioners with confidence. The performances that we have seen in the past with Splendid have always been riveting to watch and the students leave buzzing about what they have seen. For them it’s more of an experience than just watching a play. The workshops are always challenging and encourage the students to take risks and work outside of their comfort zones. They are always flexible and always happy to advise you.

Kerry and her team have such a fantastic way of working with the students that makes them feel at ease and that their opinions and comments are important.”
Jo Bowden Head of Drama Blenheim High School

“Excellent value, especially compared to other companies.”
Sarah Pemberton, Head of Drama, Chancellors School

“I love your work, my pupils are really inspired by you.”
Stephanie Patchett, Drama teacher, St Wilfrids Academy

“The students were fully engaged, expected to (and did) work hard, and were challenged… It put into practice what the students had been doing in class.”
Rhodri Punter, Head of Drama, Queen Anne’s School

“We always book Splendid! Your visit has become part of our performance schedule… your work is always engaging and the students love it.”
Belinda Francis, Head of Drama, Charters School

“… sheer perfectionism and attention to detail, working hard to achieve the best.”
Valerie Goodwin, Head of Drama, Beaminster School

“We can always rely on you to deliver value for money. You are inspiring to teachers and pupils because you are so passionate about what you do, and you explain it so clearly that it makes us want to get up and do it ourselves.”
Jannette Bloor, Director of Performing Arts, The Grange School

“We have been seeing Splendid performances for the last seven years and they have never disappointed”
Andrea Asbury, Head of Drama, Hull Collegiate School

“A barrowload of performance skills in one helping… Professional performers who talk the talk and walk the walk. Theory in practice brilliantly exemplified…. Worth every penny.”
Helen Whelan, Head of Drama, Parkstone Grammar School

“I find the Spendid Team so welcoming, enthusiastic and supportive. A real gem.”
Leonora Penny, Head of Drama, Corfe Hills School

“The work has had a huge influence on the students”
Melissa Knox, Head of Drama, Sir William Ramsay School

“I’ve already had one of my students telling me what the pivotal moments in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui are, for the character of Ui, and why he feels that he should do it in the way Kerry suggested! I can’t think of another theatre company who are as approachable and enable in this way. It is such a huge boost for the students to be able to explore their own ideas with a professional company and not just have their teacher to turn to.”
Andrew Shakeshaft, Head of Drama, Monmouth School (The Blake Theatre)

“Overall I just love the energy, passion and general approach Splendid have to making high quality, imaginative and thought provoking theatre; it is inspiring for me as a teacher as much as it is for my students.”
Sarah Waterman, Drama & Theatre Studies Curriculum Manager, Palmer’s College

“We get you back every year because you inspire the students. Your work gets referenced by them in their written work and in their practical work. I think the best thing is that they get to see someone else come in with not very much and create totally absorbing, exciting theatre in their own studio. It raises the game for them. It also helps them to get to grips with Brecht and inspires them to play with the actor/audience dynamic in their work.”
Helen Stanley, Head of Drama, Rochester Grammar School

“Splendid are simply the most student friendly company I have encountered in my teaching career and I will continue to use them year after year without question. No one else is able to engage the students so quickly!”
Kerry Pilcher, Head of Drama, Chesterfield College

“Our students are so inspired by Splendid’s energy, skill and all round brilliance. Please let us know as soon as next year’s tour is available. Can’t wait.”
Jude Summers, Head of Drama, William Farr Comprehensive School

“[A Splendid session] has more effect on the pupils than a term’s worth of lessons.”
John Sentance, Head of Drama, Repton School

“I cannot recommend Splendid highly enough, they make difficult theory and practice accessible and vibrant. We have used them for the last five years and will continue to do so in the future”
Andrea Asbury, Head of Drama, Hull Collegiate School

“Year after year the company deliver high quality theatre”
Sally Harris, Arts Director, The Kingswood School

“Too many visiting practitioners perform badly and replicate what modern drama teachers now do themselves… Splendid perform extremely well with a genuine sense of theatricality, humanity and flair. They understand and augment teachers and teaching and should be cherished.”
Jay Green, Oakham School, Leicestershire

“The best theatre company we have ever had working in the school.”
Hazel Gibson, The McAuley Catholic High School, Doncaster

“You were very professional and lots of fun, and we learned a lot (I include myself in that!)”
Amy Southworth, Richmond School, Richmond, North Yorkshire

“You’re the best!”
Chris Tindsley, Head of Drama, The Henrietta Barnett School, Hampstead

“The standard of teaching, both performance and knowledge is a real benefit to students.”
Jo Parr, Head of Drama, Turton Media Arts College, Bolton, Lancashire

“[Splendid] have consistently high standards!”
Suzy Epstein, Head of Drama, Aquinas College, Stockport

“Professional, relaxed and above all passionate about theatre.”
Richard Coe, Head of Drama, The Rochester Grammar School

“Antigone last year was fantastic, as was the pack which accompanied it. The girls did very well on this paper!… The education pack is FANTASTIC! I’d even go so far as to say ‘Gold dust!’”
Clare Norton, Head of Drama, Colston’s Girls School

“This is our fourth time with Splendid – never disappoints.”
Valerie Goodwin, Head of Drama, Beaminster School

“Reliable and High Quality.”
Mair Judd, Teacher of Drama, Waingels College

“You are a reliable company – I know I am booking high quality ‘in yer face’ theatre not patronising nonsense.”
Susan Frater, Head of Drama, Blessed George Napier School

“There is no one else like Splendid both able to demonstrate excellent theatre and enable students to explore it for themselves.”
Helen Whelan, Head of Drama, Parkstone Grammar School

“Can you come back every week?”
Louise Kelly, Head of Drama, Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School

“Professional, passionate and organised.”
Kym Martin, Cobham Hall

“Mind blowingly creative.”
Pam Ellis, Dinnington Comprehensive

“We think you are brilliant – highly accessible theatre.”
Ros Clarke, The Gryphon School

“For the 3rd year, you have created a stunning performance that allowed my students to experience and engage with Brecht in practice. Thank you!”
Shaun Baker, Ravens Wood School

“Brilliant – yet again you’ve delivered the goods. You tick every box!”
Liz Sears, St Edmunds School

“Uniformly first-class!”
Rhodri Punter, Queen Anne’s School

“Highly professional and extremely talented. “
Berj Tekerian,St. Bernards Catholic School

“Best TIE in the market! You’re brilliant.”
Phil Gascoyne, Brookfield School

“A very professional set-up!”
Andrea Chesworth, South Craven School

“Enthusiastic, professional and passionate”
Richard Coe, The Rochester Grammar School

“What is most impressive is your company’s intelligent understanding of your material and the urgency – which is infectious – that emphasises the learning. The dynamic way of teaching challenges the students and excites them into reading the play with a fresh, interested perspective. Students have raved about your work.”
Sally Harris, The Kingswood School

“… outstanding. My students loved the performance and haven’t stopped talking about it since! The style, use of multi-roling and episodic structure has provided students with so many examples to discuss as part of their theatre review. I feel that this will allow them to have more options and points for discussion in their review, than if they saw a naturalistic performance, for example. The post-show talk exceeded my expectations as my students had not experienced a post-show discussion or intimate performance before and I was unsure how they would handle this. However, the actors supported my students so much with their questioning which encouraged more and more students to get involved. The got so much out of this section and also loved speaking with professional working actors and enquiring about their rehearsal process, as well as the show.

The teachers pack provided was invaluable. It has, without a doubt, helped us to prepare PowerPoints and theatre review booklets for the students. The booklets have also allowed us to effectively prompt students with questions, that we as teaching staff now confidently know the answer to. Having access to the DVD will also allow for staff and students to re-watch the performance for revision purposes.

I also wanted to show my students what you could do in our performance space, with a small cast and minimal set, props and costume. It was eye-opening for them and I am confident will have a positive impact on their devising next year as well as their theatre review.”
Alex Weller, Subject Leader Drama, Plume Academy


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