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Mind Maps
Splendid Mind Maps!

"They are amazing!"

    Rob Warren, Atlanta International School    

"Colourful, clear - great for visual learners"   

    Tracy Spring, St Swithuns School   

Because ideas don’t move in straight lines…

These full colour Mind Maps are a brilliant encapsulation
of the lives and works of leading theatre practitioners and
principles. Drawn by our Artistic Director and senior
workshop leader Kerry Frampton, the maps were such a
popular part of our education packs we’ve decided to make
them available in their own right.

Splendid’s Mind Maps are a pictorial explosion of interlinked facts and concepts representing the key elements of each subject. Packed with detail and insight, they are invaluable resource as a starting point for teaching, a revision tool or an excellent thing to hang on your wall!

Available Mind Maps are:

NEW! Live Theatre
(a guide to writing about theatre you've seen)
Shakespeare Elizabethan Theatre
Bertolt Brecht Devising
Konstantin Stanislavski Steven Berkoff
Antonin Artaud Woyzeck
Peter Brook Commedia dell'Arte
Edward Gordon Craig Jerzy Grotowski
Greek Theatre Augusto Boal
Rehearsal Techniques Drama Terminology

The Mind Maps are available in three full-colour formats, laminated for extra durability: A4, with permission to photocopy within your school, A3 or A2 poster size.

"...I urge all teachers - not just drama teachers - to rush out and buy a set of these... they are brilliant, colourful, well-researched and well-presented examples of what a mind map should be... Not only do they provide the perfect overview of practitioners such as Stanislavski and Brecht but they are excellent models for how to produce good mind maps of your own."
Ali Warren, Head of Drama at Clarendon College in 'Teaching Drama Magazine'

"A wonderful summary of theory and practice, easily accessible, witty and in glorious Technicolor! The mind maps were the last thing my students put down before taking the exam. I can't think of a clearer way of showing the links and relationships between the elements. My students rated the mind maps their most useful revision aid."
Phil Gascoyne, Brookfield Community School, Chesterfield

Below: Two entirely unstaged glimpses of life with our Mind Maps, from Turton High School and Charters School:

Mind Map Prices

Prices include VAT at 20% and postage and packaging within the UK. Please allow 28 days for delivery.

A4 handout (laminated) A3 poster (laminated) A2 poster (laminated)
£12 £20 £30
SPECIAL OFFER! 4 x A4 handout (laminated) 4 x A3 poster (laminated)
Mind Map 4-Pack
(your choice of four)
£40 £70
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