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Splendid Productions on DVD and vimeo on-demand

"Having the DVD to watch again in lessons in preparation for GCSE Component 1 Section C is invaluable."
Danielle Deveney, Head of Drama, Cardinal Newman Catholic School

The Oresteia (2019)
stream on vimeo

Metamorphosis (2018)
stream on vimeo

Macbeth (2017)
stream on vimeo

The Odyssey (2016)
stream on vimeo

Woyzeck (2015)
stream on vimeo

Antigone (2014)
stream on vimeo

Everyman (2013)
stream on vimeo

Medea (2012)
stream on vimeo

The Trial (2011)
stream on vimeo

 Single DVDs £35  

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Any 10 DVDs: £230 / any 9: £210  

8: £195 / 7: £180 / 6: £160 / 5: £140  

4: £110/ 3: £85 / 2: £60   

DVD Super Pack £55  

  DVD, script and teacher pack   

We are delighted to present filmed versions of our productions on DVD and for online streaming rental at vimeo.com.

On DVD: prices start at £35, with some special offers - full details, including useful extra features are here. These can be ordered using the order forms above.

On vimeo: The films can also be rented for instant viewing on computers, mobiles, tablets and smart TVs. The rental period is 24hrs for £7.50, available worldwide, and includes bonus rehearsal footage and audio commentary features.

To rent, you can go to our vimeo channel, or use the 'rent' link on the trailers - to view the trailers, just click on the titles above.

PLEASE NOTE: We have now taken the 2010 version of our DR FAUSTUS DVD, script and teacher pack off sale, to avoid confusion with our 2019/2020 touring version of the play. The updated DVD, script and teacher pack supporting the new version of the show will be available from early February 2020.

“Very well shot, in that they still feel like a theatre performance… Ideal at A-level where a single watch of the live production can be supplemented by several revisits and discussions of key moments. Also invaluable from the point of view of demonstrating, quickly and effectively, how an interpretation can be placed onto a play, for students who struggle with the idea that there isn’t just a single way to perform a script.”
Andrew Shakeshaft, Head of Drama, Monmouth School (The Blake Theatre)

More about the films, including full price list.
Film information and Prices

The films are multi-camera recordings of live performances. Each performance lasts 60-70mins, and both DVD and streaming versions include short documentaries of the rehearsal process and optional audio commentary giving extra context and insights on the creation of each piece. Full details on each title including timings are here: Splendid Film Information.

  • Streaming on vimeo: £7.50 for 24hr rental
  • Single DVD: £35
  • Multiple DVD discounts: 2xDVD £60 / 3xDVD £85 / 4xDVD £110 / 5xDVD £140 / 6xDVD £160 / 7xDVD £180 / 8xDVD £195 / 9xDVD £210 / 10xDVD £230
  • DVD Super Pack - DVD, Script and Teacher Pack: £55

Prices include taxes and shipping worldwide. Please allow 28 days for delivery, most orders are sent within 7 days.

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There are three ways to order:

  • You can print our mail order form and send it with your cheque.
  • If you need us to send you an invoice to raise payment, use the email form
  • Buy online right now using PayPal (PayPal account not required).

If you'd rather use our old-style PayPal page it's here

“The performance in particular supports the written exam for the new GCSE and the new A Level where they need to write about Live Theatre. This provides easy access to inventive work without expensive travel to the theatre. The DVD and pack produced is also an excellent teaching support. The style is accessible and entertaining for students (and staff)."
Sally Foley, Head of Faculty, Chelmsford County High school for Girls

"Your DVD of Faustus is the only DVD I have shown to have received applause from a class. They love the way you interpret a play and perform with such energy."
Kevin Jones, Emrys ap Iwan School, Abergele

"Thank you Splendid for another amazing resource! The DVDs are essential for anyone teaching A-Level Drama & Theatre studies, as both Dr Faustus and Woyzeck are texts for Unit 4!! All of our students saw the original productions and it's so great to be able to refer back to them in class as well as using them to give examples of performance skills and the different ways of interpreting a script. Thank you Thank you Thank you!"
Leo Cox, Sudbury Upper School & Arts College

You can see more clips at Splendid's YouTube Channel

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