Students Working in a Splendid Style

Students Working in a Splendid Style

Brighton & Hove High School, 'Dr Faustus', Feb 2015

"We had great fun creating our performance, some snapshots: the devils were rocking out to AC/DC ‘Highway to hell’ as the audience entered, and they greeted the audience and showed them their seats etc.

The puppets for Good and Bad Angel were a couple of soft toys I borrowed from my children: a dragon from ‘Mulan’ for the bad angel and ‘Timmy’ from shaun the sheep for the good angel. These also doubled up as Alexander the Great and Roxane with an added wig and outfit (instead of using audience members).

In the Pope scene the Pope held up ‘delicious’ food and drink, such as a Pot Noodle (curry flavour of course), a McDonald’s bag and a DietCoke. We added slapstick music to the fight between Wagner and the Clown, and the Duchess ‘forgot’ that she was supposed to be pregnant, so hastily had to add a cushion to her costume.

The end music for the curtain call was Guns’n’Roses ‘Paradise City’. We went with a rock-theme as you can tell! The audience absolutely loved it – and were very complimentary of your adaptation. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed using your material, and the students were certainly stretched and challenged by it too, so very successful all round!"
Marina Ljunqvist-Edwards, Head of Drama, Brighton & Hove High School

Rangiora New Life School, New Zealand, 'Medea', July 2014

"My seven Yr. 10s (13/14 year olds) performed your adapted 'Medea' last night to a small but appreciative audience. There was laughter and discussion about the play afterwards. The students loved doing it. A few of them have gained confidence through doing it and that is great. The 'Grans' did a rap with one doing beat-box for the 'Revenge' song, to which the audience applauded. They remembered to have fun and did so, so well.

Thank you very, very much for generously providing us with such an excellent play to perform and for your cool reworking of the powerful 'Medea' story. The Company rocks."
Ann Madgin, Rangiora New Life School, New Zealand

Stonyhurst College, 'Jason & the Argonauts', June 2012

"'Jason and the Argonauts' is a drama teachers' dream show: incredibly simple to stage (with sufficient creative challenges to make the process hugely satisfying) and extremely effective and enjoyable for cast members and audience alike. We had enormous fun creating the piece and I'm convinced that the members of Drama Workshop who participated in this production left the process with improved skills as actors and members of a creative ensemble."
Johanna Egar, Head of Drama, Stonyhurst College

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Wyedean School and Sixth Form Centre, 'The Trial' and 'Antigone' Sept 2011-March 2012

"This academic year we’ve made Splendid our practitioner of choice for both Unit 2 – Text in performance at AS level and Unit 3 – Exploration for Dramatic Performance at A2.

September – December
In Unit 3 we made Splendid our key practitioner as we could readily access theory/practice and live theatre by means of the DVDs of Splendid productions. Our students were able to directly link the influence on their own performance work and it allowed them to root their rational and intended experience for their audience in a style which has this at its core. This proved to be very beneficial in the practical and written aspects of this unit.

January – March
In Unit 2 (Section B) we used the Splendid adaptations of 'Antigone' and 'The Trial'. Both texts offer the potential for multi role, physical characterisation, ensemble work and song – all elements which fully fit the demands of performance work at AS level. The thrill from students who were able to blend “tickle and slap” into the experience for their audience (an examiner) is in no small part down to the quality of the dialogue and the flexibility these texts afford to varying group performance sizes (from 3-9) A really useful aspect when considering texts."
Simon Jones, Curriculum Manager Drama, Wyedean School, Chepstow

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