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Other Stuff

Here's some other stuff we do!

Working in a Splendid Style

Students from Stonyhurst College performing Splendid's 'Jason & the Argonauts'

Splendid's style can be described as theatrical, politically engaged and audience-centred. We use actor-led theatrical tools to tell stories and ask our audience interesting questions. We love precise chorus work, strong physical characterisation, a well-thought-out episodic structure, direct address, original songs, and jokes both good and bad. In addition to our regular tours, we are also available to come and deliver workshops on all the elements that make up our style. As such, we have a lot to offer as a starting point for students' own work. All you need to work in a Splendid style are some willing participants, plenty of energy, and a good story to tell.

As well as booking touring productions perfect for live review, clients have been using Splendid as an influential practitioner, as a good example of how to creatively adapt existing scripts (and to view a contemporary adaptation in relation to its historical context), and students have had great success devising in a Splendid Style. As a company that specialises in working with and for young people, we aspire to be a genuinely useful and dynamic resource for drama teaching, and so this section will tell you a bit more about what we have to offer if you'd like to work in a Splendid Style.

"The students are absolutely loving this, it’s so much fun to perform."
Louise Cottage, Head of Drama, Duke of York's Royal Military School

“Access to a back catalogue of work via DVD, access to live theatre through annual tours and a clear and well defined theory of practice (via workshops and books) all combine to make Splendid the obvious choice for centres following Edexcel at AS and A2 level who are looking for new ideas and directions. Both students and teachers have really enjoyed process and performance while working under the influence of Splendid”
Simon Jones, Curriculum Manager Drama, Wyedean School, Chepstow.

License a Splendid Play

If you're looking for fresh material to stage, why not consider licensing a Splendid script? We pride ourselves on interpreting classic material for contemporary young audiences, so our scripts are ideal for contemporary young performers.

For a small license fee per performance, we offer downloadable script editions (including song melody and chord structures) and personal assistance in adapting our plays for your cast, with an option to add music tracks to your license.

Each play has a duration of around 60 minutes and can be performed by small casts playing multiple roles, or larger casts including non-speaking chorus roles - follow the links for more detail on each production.

If you would like to license a play, please email info@splendidproductions.co.uk or call us on 0208 318 6469.

Play Cast Size Songs Downloads
Macbeth 3-16 3 Character List
Script Sample
The Odyssey 3-18 4 Character List
Script Sample
Antigone 3-9 3 Character List
Script Sample
Woyzeck (2014 version) 3-18 2 Character List
Script Sample
Dr Faustus 3-16 3 Character List
Script Sample
The Trial 3-18 3 Character List
Script Sample
Jason and the Argonauts 10-30 3 Character List
Script Sample
Medea 3-13 3 Character List
Script Sample
There's a Leak! 7-20+ 0 Character List
Script Sample
Everyman 3-15 3 Character List
Script Sample

Basic license: £25 per performance
License plus music tracks: £30 per performance
(Splendid will provide you with fully-arranged audio backing tracks for the musical numbers)

The basic license covers one to three public performances for audiences of 1-250. Licenses for longer runs or larger audiences are negotiable, please contact info@splendidproductions.co.uk for more information.

Raising Aspirations Sessions

We have a lot of experience of working with young people, and have been collaborating with Aimhigher and Local Authorities to devise Raising Aspirations Sessions, which apply all the strengths of our theatre workshops to benefit groups of students with particular social issues. These bespoke sessions help students to improve their interpersonal skills and teach practical communication techniques can be used in and outside of school. Alternatively the workshops can be used as a platform to broaden students’ understanding of their future educational and professional choices.

We can develop a program of events specific to your requirements. Have a look at what we have provided for other clients:

Indoor Teambuilding

How do you work within a group? Where are your strengths and weaknesses? This makes an excellent INSET session - it’s fun-filled and action-packed.

We have been leading indoor teambuilding for the last 5 years. We take teams of people who may believe that they only have their workplace in common and get them communicating in all sorts of surprising ways.

We facilitate a custom-made activity day designed to explore the individuals understanding of how they communicate and function in within a group. Here’s what we have covered in the past:

Wear comfy clothes!

Arts Weeks

A regular summer term occurrence, Splendid can run workshops throughout your Arts Week, tailored to your needs. If your Arts Week has a specific theme we will research a perfect way of exploring it through drama – just for you. We can also suggest topics or ideas that have worked well for us in the past.

Transition Days

We can lead an activity day for your new Year 7 students. The pupils get to know their new form group with a little help from us. It gives them a shared experience and a lot of laughs.

This was designed for Churchill Community School in Somerset. The idea behind the transition day was to break down the natural fear of starting a whole new school by meeting and having fun with your brand new tutor/form group. It proved so successful that we have been visiting them for the last 4 years. They now see it as being an essential part of a happy Year 6 to 7 transfer… and we are delighted to return with our team of 9 workshop leaders every year.

Splendid Productions do this through a combination of indoor teambuilding, expanding communication skills and a shared performance element.

It’s a really lovely way of making Year 7 students feel welcome and safe before making such a huge change in their lives.

Let us know if you would like to implement this in your very own school.

INSET Sessions

All of the workshops we offer for students can be offered to you grown-ups too. We have led many INSET sessions over the years to help teachers with practical ways into theory, text and the devising process.

If you would like any of the above in your school – or to challenge us with something new – get in touch!

Contact us at Splendid Productions, 020 8318 6469

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