The Oresteia: Sept 2018 - March 2019

The Oresteia: Sept 2018 - March 2019

Splendid Productions present an epic, murderous tale of family, history, vengeance and honour in a story nearly as old as theatre.

Condensing Aeschylus’s classic trilogy into an hour, Splendid’s regal cast of three retell the story of King Agamemnon, his queen Clytemnestra, and their children, Iphigenia, Electra and Orestes. A legendary family born to power, but destined to rip itself apart in a bloody cycle of tragedy.

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Splendid’s touring production for 2018/2019 is Kerry Frampton’s new adaptation of Aeschylus’s tragic trilogy 'The Oresteia'. The three plays ('Agamemnon', 'The Libation Bearers' and 'The Eumenides')are adapted into a single hour-long piece with a multi-roling cast of three, employing a range of our regular student-stealable theatrical techniques including:

  • Brechtian episodic structure
  • Elements of Greek Theatre
  • Strong physical and vocal ensemble storytelling
  • Choral precision
  • Breaking the fourth wall
  • Exaggerated characterisation
  • Music, multi-roling, mime and puppetry

The performance is suitable for ages 12+, and will feature our usual Brechtian structure, as well as elements of Greek Theatre. It's also useful as an example of creative adaptation, an inspiration for devising or a well-supported professional production for live theatre evaluation.

The production is available for in-school performances with accompanying workshops plus public shows in selected theatres. Tickets will soon go on sale for theatre shows, and further public performances will be announced throughout the year.

As with previous years we offer 3hr sessions (1hr performance plus up to 3 simultaneous 90min workshops), full-day sessions (1hr performance plus up to 3 simultaneous 4hr workshops), or performances only with optional post-show discussion, which can take place after school or in the evening. The tour schedule and prices are laid out below.

There is no limit to the audience size for the performance, but the workshops are limited to 25 students working with each of our three cast members in up to 3 simultaneous sessions (we can work with groups of up to 40 if there are fewer workshops). Our workshop programme is linked closely to the production, and this year you can choose from:

  • Practitioner workshops on Brecht
  • Greek/Physical chorus
  • Splendid’s approach to the adaptation

An extensive education pack is included, and the DVD and script are now available for detailed review purposes.

Booking is now open for in-school sessions. If you'd like us to find you a date there are three ways to do it: complete our online booking form, email us at

Here's where we are touring to in Spring 2019:

Spring 2019
09 - 11 JanuaryNORTH WEST
14 - 16 JanuaryS. Yorkshire/Derbyshire/Notts
21 JanuaryGreenwich Theatre (theatre show, see above)
22 - 23 JanuarySOUTH
28 JanuaryBlake Theatre, Monmouth (theatre show, see above)
29 - 30 JanuaryWEST
04 - 06 FebruaryNORTH
11 - 13 FebruaryMIDLANDS
12 Februarymac, Birmingham (theatre show, see above)
25 - 27 FebruaryCENTRAL
26 FebruaryQuarry, Bedford (theatre show, see above)
04 - 06 MarchSOUTH
11 - 13 MarchS. Yorkshire/Derbyshire/Notts
18 - 20 MarchEAST
25 - 27 MarchSOUTH
Oresteia Prices
Production Price (exc VAT @20%)
Oresteia performance (approx 1hr) and 1.5hr workshop £600.00
Oresteia performance (approx 1hr) and 4hr workshop £1100.00
Oresteia evening performance with optional post-show discussion £600.00

We do not charge supplementary travel or subsistence costs, although these may be added in exceptional circumstances. All bookings are subject to our cancellation policy.

More about The Oresteia

The Oresteia DVD, Script and Teacher Pack at the Splendid Shop