The Odyssey (2015/16)

The Odyssey (2015/16)

In a brand new creative theatrical adaptation, we retell the story of Odysseus and his famously inconvenient journey home from the Trojan War.

Packing a decade of adventures into a breathless hour, Splendid's heroic cast of three create a mythical world of hungry monsters, devious sorceresses and frequent shipwrecks as the resourceful Odysseus battles to return to his family.

Splendid present a newly devised Odyssey which uses a Brechtian-style episodic structure and incorporates Greek theatre conventions. It’s a great example of a creative adaptation: tightly structured storytelling with a minimum of props, lights and scenery and maximum use of performance skills including physical theatre, clowning, audience interaction, puppetry and song.

A classic story meets high-energy storytelling… you'd have to tie yourself to a mast to miss it!

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"I’ve rarely seen a better example
of how to involve an audience in a
production and I generally don’t laugh
this loud when called upon to watch
a Greek myth ... ingenious
... accomplished...
it all works brilliantly"

Bouquets & Brickbats

"Brilliantly imaginative...
uproariously funny...
multi-talented, multi-voiced,
multi-bodied... needle sharp."

Splendid Productions' 'The Odyssey'
By Homer
Adapted by Kerry Frampton and Ben Hales
Directed by Lucy Hopkins, Matt Wilde and
Lucy Cuthbertson

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