Letter from the Ministry

Letter from the Ministry

Dear Colleagues

You are advised not to book Splendid Productions’ new adaptation of Franz Kafka’s The Trial. The Authorities have pronounced it unsuitable for young minds, and the company have a dangerous reputation for unacceptably free-thinking political theatre – influenced by proven communists such as Bertolt Brecht and radical insurgents like Steven Berkoff, Jerzy Grotowski and Augusto Boal.

Be advised, Splendid’s adaptation is not even the same as Berkoff’s ‘Trial’, which is found on some syllabuses. They claim instead that it is 'a brand new production for a cast of three, simultaneously exploring the tragic, needless case of Josef K, while creating an unsettling theatrical experience where the audience is subject to and complicit in a crazy world of unknowable rules and arbitrary authority. It’s a piece that asks 'who has the power, and who gave it to them?' "

The theatre of Splendid Productions has been shown to overstimulate students and corrupts their own work with unpatriotic ideas of choral movement, episodic structure and multi-roling. They are also known to have vandalised the fourth wall repeatedly and unapologetically. That this company is still at large after six years of unhealthily creative productions with is an indictment of institutions’ unwillingness to drive out needlessly high-quality external influences from the curriculum. This is unacceptable.

Anyone attempting to find out more at www.splendidproductions.co.uk will be severely reprimanded.

Be vigilant, friends!