Medea (2011/12)

Medea (2011/12)

In 2011/12 Splendid Productions went to a dark place with a brand new adaptation of Medea by Euripides.

In Ancient Greece, the name of the monstrous murdering mother Medea was well- known. The story of Medea, the mysterious sorcerer-princess who helped Jason steal the famous Golden Fleece from her father, is a mythical romance with a terrible, terrible ending.

Splendid’s new creative adaptation puts the audience at the heart of the performance, as a kindly chorus of grandmothers presents a timeless tale of passion, betrayal and revenge. While history paints Medea as a pitiless monster, we wonder if the truth can be so black and white.

What does it take to drive a woman to murder her own children? Is there a small human story inside the mighty myth? And whose version of history should we believe?

In a series of inventive Brechtian episodes, Splendid’s powerful cast of three show how an ancient story can resonate through time, and how the simplest of theatrical ideas can have a devastating impact.

"Oh, how they loved the energy! Medea demonstrated exactly what our students should be striving for. All of our year groups have been inspired to be increasingly experimental in their own practical work... Beautiful choral work! Quite stunning."

Kerry Hayes, Head of Drama,
Douay Martyrs School

"A nugget of concentrated theatrical brilliance"

Helen Stanley, Head of Drama,
Rochester Grammar School

"Undoubtedly the most engaging and enthralling production of Medea I have ever seen... quite simply the best performance we have seen this year."

Trevor Harris, Head of Performing Arts,
Stantonbury Campus

Splendid Productions' 'Medea'
By Euripides
Adapted by Ben Hales and Mal Smith
Directed by Mal Smith, Lucy Cuthbertson and Matt Wilde
Songs by Mal Smith
Design by Kerry Frampton

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