There's a Leak!

There's a Leak!

Poster from Kidbrooke Theatre Company's
production in 2012

While out walking with her sarcastic cat, Igor, twelve-year old Elsa notices a tiny hole in the middle of the street that is sucking in air. Surely, she thinks, someone is going to fix the leak? But despite a cavalcade of interested passers-by including loved-up council employees, robotic politicians, bickering scientists and sensation-seeking journalists, the leak just gets worse and worse...

'There's a Leak' is a new play by Splendid's regular adaptor Ben Hales. Having adapted many of our productions for young audiences, Ben has written an orginal piece specifically to be performed by young actors.

It is a darkly absurd comedy for a cast of 7 (multi-roling) to 20 or more, designed to be performed with minimal set or lighting, with a small number of important sound cues. The play lasts approximately one hour.

The play was first performed by the Kidbrooke Theatre Company at Corelli College in March 2012.

'There's a Leak!' is published by Nelson Thornes Dramascripts, and performance licenses are available from Splendid Productions.

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