Jason & The Argonauts

Jason & The Argonauts

Written by Splendid Productions’ Mal Smith and Kerry Frampton, Jason and the Argonauts was created as a brand-new ensemble piece for students at Wellington College, which they took to the Edinburgh Festival in 2007.

We worked with a wonderfully talented team of thirteen 16–18 year old students to create a piece of Splendid storytelling. Jason is a no-scenery, no-prop, chorus-driven piece of singing and silliness that charts the rise and history of the most famous group of strapping young men who travelled the Aegean Sea, Jason and his Argonauts!

The play is our most popular script for license, and is a great option as a large-ensemble blast of theatrical joy.

"'Jason and the Argonauts' is a drama teachers' dream show: incredibly simple to stage (with sufficient creative challenges to make the process hugely satisfying) and extremely effective and enjoyable for cast members and audience alike. We had enormous fun creating the piece and I'm convinced that the members of Drama Workshop who participated in this production left the process with improved skills as actors and members of a creative ensemble."

Johanna Egar, Head of Drama, Stonyhurst College - see more about Splendid student performances here

Splendid Productions present
'Jason & The Argonauts'
By Kerry Frampton and Mal Smith
Songs by Kerry Frampton and Mal Smith

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