Dr Faustus (2019/20)

Dr Faustus (2019/20)

Splendid Productions present a new creative adaptation of an all-time classic. The brilliant scholar Dr Faustus uses his fabulous intellect to summon the actual devil to grant his every wish! But the devil has a price: it will cost Faustus his soul. Is this the best deal in history – absolutely everything for absolutely nothing? Or… is it perhaps the other way round…?

Splendid’s devilish cast of three pack a timeless tale into a thrilling hour of laughter, music, magic and amazement. Morality meets mortality in this ingenious reinvention of an Elizabethan drama that couldn’t be more contemporary.

This year adaptors Kerry Frampton and Ben Hales are revisiting Christopher Marlowe's famous morality play Dr Faustus. We first adapted Dr Faustus for our 2009/2010 tour, and although a lot has changed in the last 10 years, the story of a pompous idiot laughing in the face of nature, selling his soul to the Devil in a poorly-explained deal that promises much but delivers nothing... well, it seemed to resonate as strongly as ever.

Our revised adaptation keeps the crowd-pleasing spectacle (and much of the language) of Marlowe's original, but brings the audience closer than ever to the demonic temptations of Lucifer, Beezlebub and Mephistopheles. Surely a 21st century audience will not sell their own souls so cheaply? We can't wait to find out.

Directed by Kerry Frampton, Splendid's Dr Faustus is as always an hour-long travelling show with a multi-roling cast of three, employing a range of our regular student-stealable theatrical techniques. Here's what you can expect:

  • Splendid style: Brain-prodding, heart-exposing, rib-tickling theatre!
  • Brechtian episodic structure
  • Combination of Marlowe's verse and contemporary language
  • Strong physical and vocal ensemble storytelling
  • Choral precision
  • Breaking the fourth wall
  • Exaggerated characterisation
  • Music, multi-roling, mime and puppetry

It's also useful as an example of creative adaptation, an inspiration for devising or a well-supported professional production for live theatre evaluation. The performance is suitable for ages 12+.

The production is available for in-school performances with accompanying workshops plus public shows in selected theatres. Tickets are now on sale for most theatre shows, and further public performances will be announced throughout the year.

As with previous years we offer 3hr sessions (1hr performance plus up to 3 simultaneous 90min workshops), full-day sessions (1hr performance plus up to 3 simultaneous 4hr workshops), or performances only with optional post-show discussion, which can take place after school or in the evening. The tour schedule and prices are laid out below.

There is no limit to the audience size for the performance, but the workshops are limited to 25 students working with each of our three cast members in up to 3 simultaneous sessions (we can work with groups of up to 40 if there are fewer workshops). Our workshop programme is linked closely to the production, and this year you can choose from:

  • Dr Faustus: Directorial Approach - practical approaches to staging a production
  • Dr Faustus: Splendid Style - what we did and how we did it, useful for devising and Live Theatre Evaluation
  • Practitioner workshop on Brecht - key techniques and how to employ them
  • Physical Ensemble Storytelling - making performances thoroughly theatrical

An extensive education pack is included, and the updated show will be filmed for a DVD/streaming release in Feb 2020. (Please note we will be withdrawing the film of the 2009 production at the end of August 2019.)

Booking is now open for in-school sessions. If you'd like us to find you a date there are three ways to do it: complete our online booking form, email us at info@splendidproductions.co.uk.

Dates are available Monday to Wednesday weekly from September 2019 - March 2020. Here's where we'll be:

Autumn 2019
9 - 11 SeptemberSOUTH EAST
16 - 18 SeptemberBERKS/OXON
24 - 26 SeptemberHERTS/BUCKS/BEDS
24 September Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes (theatre show, see above)
30 Sept - 2 OctoberSOUTH
7 OctoberPleasance Islington (theatre show, see above)
8 - 9 OctoberSOUTH EAST
14 - 18 OctoberSOUTH WEST (full week)
28 - 30 OctoberEAST
11 - 13 NovemberN/W/E YORKSHIRE
18 - 19 NovemberNORTH WEST
20 NovemberLowry Salford (theatre show, see above)
25 - 27 NovemberMIDLANDS
9 - 11 DecemberSOUTH EAST
Spring 2020
8 - 10 JanuaryNORTH WEST
13 - 16 JanuarySOUTH
17 JanuaryGreenwich Theatre (theatre show, see above)
20 - 22 JanuaryMIDLANDS
28 JanuaryBlake Theatre, Monmouth (theatre show, see above)
3 - 5 FebruarySOUTH WEST
10 - 12 FebruaryN/W/E YORKSHIRE
24 - 26 FebruaryHERTS/BEDS/BUCKS
25 FebruaryQuarry, Bedford (theatre show, see above)
2 - 4 MarchNORTH WEST
9 - 11 MarchEAST
23 - 25 MarchSOUTH
Dr Faustus Prices
Production Price (exc VAT @20%)
Dr Faustus performance (approx 1hr) and 1.5hr workshop £600.00
Dr Faustus performance (approx 1hr) and 4hr workshop £1100.00
Dr Faustus evening performance with optional post-show discussion £600.00

We do not charge supplementary travel or subsistence costs, although these may be added in exceptional circumstances. All bookings are subject to our cancellation policy.