Dr Faustus (2009/2010)

Dr Faustus (2009/2010)

"A great show... I was genuinely moved by the end."

John Sentance, Repton School

"An outstanding performance... Powerful and effective (and funny too!)"

Berj Tekerian, Amersham School

“The performance was stunning.
The energy and pace was quite incredible.”

Susan Frater, Blessed George Napier, Banbury

Splendid Productions' 'Dr Faustus'
By Christopher Marlowe
Adapted by Ben Hales
Directed by Mal Smith and
Lucy Cuthbertson
Songs by Ben Hales
Design by Kerry Frampton

Doctor Faustus is Christopher Marlowe's legendary story of a vain scholar's pact with the devil; twenty-four years of unlimited pleasure for the price of one human soul.

But does Faustus really get the best side of the deal? And does a five-hundred year-old cautionary tale have anything to teach the sophisticated human of today?

In our new adaptation, the story of Dr Faustus becomes an entertainment presented by Lucifer to the newly-damned, interleaved with newly devised episodes, each dealing with a different ‘Deadly Sin’, as he asks the audience to consider ‘what’s your sin?’.

With a script that is a mixture of Marlowe and modern language, and a performance style that runs from high drama to low, low comedy, Splendid’s ‘Dr Faustus’ is a thrilling interpretation of a crowd-pleasing classic.

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