Antigone (2013/2014)

Antigone (2013/2014)

"... a matchless way of introducing ancient theatre to the young"

South Wales Argus

"The performance was absolutely brilliant!... The fact that it is very different from the 'original performance conditions' gives the students lots to compare and discuss in the exam"

Nicky Rope, Tewkesbury School

“"Yet another example of how Brecht's techniques can be used so effectively.The humour is what the students remember!"

Bryan Sluman, Ashfield School

Splendid Productions' 'Antigone'
By Sophocles
Adapted by Kerry Frampton & Mal Smith
Directed by Mal Smith, Lucy Cuthbertson and Matt Wilde
Songs by Kerry Frampton, Ben Hales,
Mal Smith
Design by Kerry Frampton

It's party time in Thebes! The war is over and the city has a new leader... what could possibly go wrong?

And so the stage is set for the tragedy of Antigone, devoted daughter, loving sister, princess, carer, believer, extremist. She is about to spoil the party for her uncle Creon, father, husband, lawmaker, protector, king. It's an ancient story about the war between individual and state, law and conscience, heart and head.

Join Splendid’s bunch of clowns as they present a deceptively joyful tragedy that puts the audience centre-stage. Who would you die for? Who has power over you? And what will you do with your ten seconds of freedom?

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