07/08: Good Woman of Szechuan

07/08: Good Woman of Szechuan

This is our fourth year of touring around the UK with our Spass-filled Brechtian performances. Following on from Arturo Ui, Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad and Antigone we bring you another Brecht classic ‘The Good Woman of Szechuan’.

“In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”

In a time of greed and selfishness, three gods are sent down from heaven to find one genuinely ‘good’ person to prove that humanity is worth saving. In the run down outskirts of Szechuan they encounter Shen-Te a prostitute who gives them a room for the night. As a reward for her compassion they give her one thousand silver dollars with the understanding that she must sustain this goodness and charity in every aspect of her life from now on…

Is it possible to live a good life in a corrupt world? Does money bring automatic happiness? Do people always do the right thing under any circumstance? Can you be truly good without being split in two?

The performance of ‘Good Woman’ is coupled with a practical workshop giving your students a chance to experience Brechtian technique for themselves. Through the performance and the workshop we will help your students demystify gestus, montage, song, spass, dialectics and the V-Effekt.

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