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The Oresteia 2018/2019

"slick... absolutely hilarious... a masterclass in Epic Theatre... poses a heck of a lot of questions for the audience"
The Reviews Hub

"a brilliant adaptation... Splendid Productions did a more than excellent job at dragging a text from 5BC straight into 2018"
North West End

Metamorphosis 2017/2018

"It's a performance that reminds us how Kafka's peculiar, existential anxiety continues to haunt us... a fantastic vehicle for revealing the dynamics of Brechtian or Epic theatre”
Manchester Evening News

"Splendid delivered... the audience remained transfixed"
North West End

"... genuinely moving, pitiable and haunting"
The Manchester Review

Macbeth 2016/2017

"A masterclass in performance from start to finish... top class theatre”
North West End

"Enterprising, imaginative, and highly enjoyable”

The Odyssey, 2015/2016

"I’ve rarely seen a better example of how to involve an audience in a production and I generally don’t laugh this loud when called upon to watch a Greek myth... ingenious... accomplished... it all works brilliantly"
Bouquets & Brickbats

"Brilliantly imaginative... uproariously funny. multi-talented, multi-voiced, multi-bodied... needle sharp."

"When Homer recounted the misadventures of Odysseus in his epic The Odyssey he didn’t include any jokes. Based upon the rousing reception accorded to Splendid Productions’ version of the legend at The Lowry this may have been a mistake."
Manchester Theatre Awards

Woyzeck, Edinburgh Fringe 2014

"...hilarious and horrific, erotic and brutal...frankly brilliant... spot-on chimpanzee impression..."
Three Weeks

"There is never any doubt that the show is in good hands, and between the acerbic wit of the production and the delighted audience there is a clear investment from the company in giving the audience plenty of ideas to consider, but stopping short of telling them what to think."
The List

"There is pleasure behind every moment of this show and from this joy we see the sparks of destructive rage and annihilating authority"
Total Theatre

Antigone 2013/2014

"Imagine Greek drama performed by The Three Stooges on speed and you’ll have some idea of what this production was like...Splendid Theatre’s view of what befalls the House of Thebes is a matchless way of introducing ancient theatre to the young."
South Wales Argus

Everyman, Edinburgh Fringe 2013

"...interactive, funny and inventive, the hour flashes by but by the time the play finishes Splendid have certainly left an indelible impression with you"
The New Current

"A joyous celebration of humanity, and a triumph of physical theatre"
The List

"...nothing short of a wonderful production, high on laughs, yet with a subtle seriousness to it that only enhances the overall feeling of perfection."
Broadway Baby

"...a play with meaning but with a heavy dose of fun filled laughter and song that would brighten up anyone’s day."
Fresh Fringe

"Profound, fun, and warm"

There's a Leak! and Medea

"...Both productions work well for their intended audiences and lots of teenagers are in for a treat."

The Trial

"Splendid Productions' reputation as the touring theatre company is once again fully justified with their spellbinding adaptation of 'The Trial'."
Teaching Drama

Splendid Productions lived up to their name by making Kafka hilarious and accessible without diluting his gravitas."
Bexley Times

Woyzeck 2008/2009

"Vibrant and vivacious theatre!"

"...has to rank as one of the most colourful and intelligent interpretations of the work since Tom Waits and Robert Wilson go their hands on it"
British Theatre Guide

" exceptional show - bold, accessible and entertaining"
The Public Reviews

"...talented they most certainly are"

"They use minimal props creatively and there is exactly the right degree of momentum and interaction with the audience."
South Wales Argus

The Good Woman of Szechuan

"This is the great thing about this theatre company: we are never completely sure whose side they are on – how Brecht would have cheered!"
Teaching Drama

Antigone 2006

"I would recommend them wholeheartedly for their great work, superb attitude and, above all, passion for theatre."
Teaching Drama