"[A Splendid session] has more effect on the pupils than a term's worth of lessons."
John Sentance, Head of Drama, Repton School

"I cannot recommend Splendid highly enough, they make difficult theory and practice accessible and vibrant. We have used them for the last five years and will continue to do so in the future"
Andrea Asbury, Head of Drama, Hull Collegiate School

"Year after year the company deliver high quality theatre"
Sally Harris, Arts Director, The Kingswood School

"Too many visiting practitioners perform badly and replicate what modern drama teachers now do themselves... Splendid perform extremely well with a genuine sense of theatricality, humanity and flair. They understand and augment teachers and teaching and should be cherished."
Jay Green, Oakham School, Leicestershire

"The best theatre company we have ever had working in the school."
Hazel Gibson, The McAuley Catholic High School, Doncaster

You were very professional and lots of fun, and we learned a lot (I include myself in that!)
Amy Southworth, Richmond School, Richmond, North Yorkshire

Youre the best!
Chris Tindsley, Head of Drama, The Henrietta Barnett School, Hampstead

The standard of teaching, both performance and knowledge is a real benefit to students.
Jo Parr, Head of Drama, Turton Media Arts College, Bolton, Lancashire

[Splendid] have consistently high standards!
Suzy Epstein, Head of Drama, Aquinas College, Stockport, Cheshire

Professional, relaxed and above all passionate about theatre.
Richard Coe, Head of Drama, The Rochester Grammar School, Rochester, Kent

Antigone last year was fantastic, as was the pack which accompanied it. The girls did very well on this paper! The education pack is FANTASTIC! Id even go so far as to say Gold dust!
Clare Norton, Head of Drama, Colstons Girls School, Bristol

This is our fourth time with Splendid never disappoints.
Valerie Goodwin, Head of Drama, Beaminster School, Beaminster, Dorset

Reliable and High Quality.
Mair Judd, Teacher of Drama, Waingels College, Reading, Berkshire

"You are a reliable company - I know I am booking high quality 'in yer face' theatre not patronising nonsense."
Susan Frater, Head of Drama, Blessed George Napier, Banbury

"There is no one else like Splendid both able to demonstrate excellent theatre and enable students to explore it for themselves."
Helen Whelan, Head of Drama, Parkstone Grammar School, Poole

"Can you come back every week?"
Louise Kelly, Head of Drama, Kesteven & Grantham Girls' School

Professional, passionate and organised.
Kym Martin, Cobham Hall, Kent

"Mind blowingly creative."
Pam Ellis, Dinnington Comprehensive, Sheffield

"We think you are brilliant - highly accessible theatre."
Ros Clarke, The Gryphon School, Dorset

"For the 3rd year, you have created a stunning performance that allowed my students to experience and engage with Brecht in practice. Thank you!."
Shaun Baker, Ravens Wood School, Kent

"Brilliant - yet again you've delivered the goods. You tick every box!"
Liz Sears, St Edmunds School, Canterbury

"Uniformly first-class! "
Rhodri Punter, Queen Annes School, Caversham, Berkshire

"Highly professional and extremely talented. "
Berj Tekerian,St. Bernards Catholic School, High Wycombe

"Best TIE in the market! Youre brilliant."
Phil Gascoyne, Brookfield School, Chesterfield

A very professional set-up!
Andrea Chesworth, South Craven School, Keighley

Enthusiastic, professional and passionate
Richard Coe, The Rochester Grammar School, Kent

What is most impressive is your companys intelligent understanding of your material and the urgency which is infectious that emphasises the learning. The dynamic way of teaching challenges the students and excites them into reading the play with a fresh, interested perspective. Students have raved about your work.
Sally Harris, The Kingswood School, Northamptonshire



"Your workshops expose our students to a theatre company that is passionate about the empowering/civilising effect of theatre."
Sally Harris, Arts Director, The Kingswood School

Entertaining, informative and challenging as always Can we employ you?
Sarah Hay, Head of Drama, Queens School, Watford, Hertfordshire

This one was particularly clever and challenging
Sally Harris, Arts Director, Kingswood School, Corby, Northants

inspirational ideas which re-energises my work
Sophie Welsh, Head of Drama, Lord Williamss School, Thame, Oxfordshire

It is superb for pupils to work with real actors.
Nigel Richards, Head of Drama, Brinsworth School, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

We have always been very pleased with the quality of the workshops.
Sophie Bates, Drama Teacher, The Blue School, Wells, Somerset

Your enthusiasm for Brecht was contagious It was fantastic to be able to watch the students create such imaginative work Youre friendly, approachable and our students love you!
Martha Bentley, Drama Teacher, Brigshaw High School, Castleford, West Yorkshire

Lively, practical and engaging Both groups felt their skills were developed.
Catherine Windrum, Head of Drama, Easingwold School, York, North Yorkshire

High energy and complete commitment meant all students were focussed and challenged throughout You are guaranteed value for money and a highly professional experience for all.
Samm Vince, Drama Teacher, Frome Community College, Frome, Somerset

moving students away from naturalism and developing more interesting ways of storytelling.
Karen Eastwood, Head of Drama, Boroughbridge High School, York, North Yorkshire

The workshop leader was wonderful. Very open and enthusiastic. You couldnt help but be infected by that.
Edwina Smith, Head of Drama, Kelly College, Devon

Every exercise could be used in their work.
Arden Sills, Head of Drama, King David High School, Manchester, Lancashire

You enable GCSE and A-Level to work cooperatively together Gestic acting and how to perform Brecht clearly inspired my students last year so that they gained exceptional results in Brecht exam The company played a big part in enabling them to achieve success at A-Level.
Liz Johnson, Director of Learning Creative Arts & Media Faculty, John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Very clear objectives and outcomes tailor-made to suit my students needs.
Marianna van der Berg, Drama Teacher, Chatham Grammar School for Boys, Chatham, Kent

The workshop leader was friendly, approachable, encouraging, inspiring
Lesley Turner, Assistant Head, Sudbury Upper School & Arts College, Suffolk

"Excellent detail and good humour, there was a good working atmosphere and the students LOVED it."
Elizabeth Martin Burgess Hill School for Girls

"Professional, superb workshop. Thankyou!!!"
Emma Tarratt, Burgess Hill School for Girls

"The students gained a huge amount from the workshops. The Artaud workshop was just stunning; it took their practical work to a new level."
Jo Bowden, Blenheim High School

"Very motivating, enjoyable yet challenging."
Lara Ramrattan, Boston Spa Comprehensive School, Wetherby, West Yorkshire

"The students learnt a lot. Amazing hand-outs!"
Annalisa Hamilton, Drama Teacher, Surbiton High School, London Spring 2007 Brecht workshop

"Absolutely perfect it was fantastic! The pupils thoroughly enjoyed it and the sessions really bought the plays to life."
Anne-Marie Lytheer, Drama Teacher, Billericay School, Essex Spring 2007 Arturo Ui and Antigone workshop

"The workshop leader (Rosie) was extremely clear, supportive and inspiring. A brilliant session well planned and delivered"
Participant North Leeds Joint Training Day for teachers 9th February 2007 Advanced Physical Theatre

"The standard is consistently high every year"
Suzy Epstein, Head of Drama, Aquinas College, Stockport Spring 2007

"It exceeded my expectations! The students are still enthusing about it."
Sophie Welsh, Head of Drama, Lord Williams School, Oxford Advanced Physical Theatre Autumn 2006

"It stimulated the students to be imaginative, focused and physical"
Richard Coe, Head of Drama, The Rochester Grammar School, Kent Autumn 2006

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THE TRIAL - Autumn 2010 and Spring 2011

"Strong physicality and exceptionally creative story-telling."
Janette Bloor, Director of Performing Arts, The Grange School, Cheshire

"A really effective piece of theatre, both from a Brechtian and Berkovian perspective."
Liselore Woltering, Acting Director of Teaching and Learning, The Fallibroome Academy, Macclesfield

"This was your best yet!"
Pip Cawte, Head of Drama, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol

"A shocking and invigorating blend of laugh-out-loud comedy and political challenge... the discussion my Year 9 class had about the performance was terrific! Straight afterwards they were using your ideas in their pieces - great to see."
Berj Tekerian, Head of Expressive Arts, The Amersham School

"...brought 'The Trial' to life in a typical Splendid way."
Caroline Barber, Head of Performing Arts, The Queen Katherine School, Kendal

" was an experience not just a show!"
Kevin Jones, Emrys ap Iwan School, Abergele

"It was very special and a most creative and theatrical piece. You show such skill and have amazing talent, it is a thrill to watch you perform...your ensemble worked brilliantly together. Thank you for such a treat."
Heather Andrew, Head of Drama, Pipers Corner School, High Wycombe

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DR FAUSTUS - Autumn 2009 and Spring 2010

"An outstanding performance... Powerful and effective (and funny too!)"
Berj Terkerian, Head of Drama, Amersham School

"You made it relevant and though-provoking."
Pip Cawte, Head of Drama, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol

"Lots of ideas to cover in class ... great inspiration for our students."
Emma Hathaway-Jenkins, Head of Drama, Baylis Court School, Slough

"It exceeded my expectations! It was a fantastic example of re-interpretation and the students absolutely loved it."
Laura Kendall, Joint Head of Drama, Lord Williams School, Thame

"A synthesis of 'teaching aids' with a great story and text. Rather than seeming a bit forced, it was a great show on its own merit and I was genuinely moved by the end, which will long stay with me."
John Sentance, Head of Drama, Repton School

"The production notes are an excellent resource."
Cassie Nash, Head of English, The School of St Helen and St Katherine, Abingdon

"Brought Faustus to life!"
Valerie Goodwin, Head of Drama, Beaminster School

"As a teacher I find it inspiring! The students draw on your energy and use it within their work."
Matt Bunn, Director of Creative & Performing Arts, Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Aylesbury

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WOYZECK - Autumn 2008 and Spring 2009

"The post-show discussion was the best I've experienced. Really inspiring, reminded me what I good job I have!"
Malcolm Judge, Head of Drama, Austin Friars

"Highly energetic pace - great adaptation and interpretation... mixture of comedy and pathos! Stunning interaction with students"
Liz Johnson, John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge

"I thought its simplicity was magical and inspirational"
Pip Cawte, Head of Drama, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol

"Really engaging and accessible! The students had soooo much to say and loved the acting style... Fab work, fab reputation... You are a lovely company to have in and always produce high-quality work"
Amy Southworth, Head of Drama, Richmond School

"So much energy... transformed our space into a theatrical experience. Professional, talented and knowledgeable"
Gemma Woffinden, Team Leader, Brigshaw High School

"Your quality is summed up by a student who told me after the workshop 'I now love Brecht' - something I could not have done."
Neil Stimson, Head of Drama, Toot Hill School

"Imaginative and thought-provoking... Very professional and approachable... Thanks for a great day - just what we wanted!"
Catherine Roberts, Head of Drama, Westholme School

"Always good to see Brecht being so much fun!"
Sue Grajczonek, Head of Drama, Our Lady's RC High School, Oldham

"A stunning interpretation, entirely appropriate (but not patronising) to the target audience... The day gives practical training and exposure to a very high standard of professional ability... Outstanding performers and the very best workshop leaders I have known."
Guy Levensley, Drama Teacher, Repton School, Derbyshire

"Excellent performance... Fantastic enthusiasm from workshop leaders."
Kim De Large, Drama Teacher, William Farr C of E School

"Superb as always - terrific example of the style... Splendid is part of our exam level curriculum!"
Jude Summers, Head of Drama, William Farr C of E School

"Outstanding acting and very clear Brechtian principles ... Everything is always compared to Splendid. You are hugely respected - rightly so."
Jo Capon, Head of Drama, Reading School

"Brilliant... Best afternoon of all year!"
Phil Gascoyne, Head of Drama, Brookfield Community School

"...Fun but challenging... the performance was sensational"
Kym Martin, Head of Drama, Cobham Hall

"Fantastic, energetic, visually and creatively exciting... We love Splendid! All their work supports our syllabus... Friendly, organised, efficient and FUN!"
Emma Webb, Acting Head of Drama, Townley Grammar School

"The performance made a difficult text lively and engaging - it absolutely exceeded my expectations. An incredibly worthwhile visit"
Claire Hodge, Head of Drama, Greenshaw High School

"Amazing theatre... your style was so impacting and impressive"
Heather Andrew, Head of Drama, Pipers Corner School

"Quality and professionalism"
Karen Eastwood, Head of Drama, Boroughbridge High School

"We have always been impressed with Splendid Productions"
Sarah Addison, Head of Drama, Ousedale School

"The high standard of physical characterisation, inventive staging and clear Brechtian styling was a joy to watch. The students loved it!... Splendid are consistently impressive, and a pleasure to bring in... It was the most stripped back performance since 'Ui' and all the stronger for it, allowing the strong physical performances and sense of Spass to stand out."
Ross Geoghegan, Head of Drama, Cotham School, Bristol

"Excellent - Brecht stripped back to its bare essentials... Engaging, funny, accessible and thought-provoking... Quality assured"
Stuart Borrill, Assistant Head, Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School

"An excellent performance as ever - thank you Splendid!"
Helen Whelan, Head of Drama, Parkstone Grammar School, Dorset

"They got Brecht! They got Brook! They get it!"
Helen Whelan, Head of Drama, Parkstone Grammar School, Dorset

More about Woyzeck


THE GOOD WOMAN OF SZECHUAN - Autumn 2007 and Spring 2008

"Made Brechts main principals really clear and we now have a wealth of specific examples to refer back to! Especially Spass, V-Effekt and Montage. The students now really understand these... Such inspiring theatre! Gives the students a real buzz"
Rachel Everingham, Head of Performing Arts, Robert Smyth School, Market Harborough, Leicestershire

"There is no way Brecht can be seen as boring now!"
Joni McAuliffe, Head of Drama, Park House School, Newbury, Berkshire

"The performance provided so many examples of Brechts theory in practise."
Helen Whelan, Drama Teacher, Parkstone Grammar School, Poole, Dorset

"made Brecht look easy!"
Emma Tarratt, Head of Drama, Burgess Hill School for Girls, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

"Vibrant, engaging, slick and accessible. Wonderful!"
Jane Barrie, Director of Drama, Kirkham Grammar School, Preston, Lancashire

"Imaginative, humorous with a real message that struck students well have you back whatever!"
Andy Day, Head of Drama, Great Sanky High School, Warrington, Cheshire

"Students were blown away by the actors physical and vocal bravery."
Sian Tickle, Head of Drama, Merchant Taylors School for Girls, Liverpool, Merseyside

"it has had a lasting impact across all exam groups... The production, workshop and the pack were a breath of fresh air."
Lara Ramrattan, Head of Drama, Boston Spa Comprehensive School, Weatherby, West Yorkshire

"Practical, performance-based example of all things Brecht perfect for A2 unit 6 questions."
Phil Gascoyne, Head of Drama, Brookfield, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

"The limitations of a three-actor touring theatre performance were turned into a strength in a production which was completely captivating and innovative... The performance vividly and consciously demonstrated Brecht in practice, enabling my students to identify and appreciate the different techniques studied... You worked really hard and provided a top-quality package!"
Chris Walker, Drama Teacher, Eckington School, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

"Very accessible, funny and thought provoking."
Neil Stimson, Head of Drama, Toot Hill School, Bingham, Nottinghamshire

"A truly exhilarating production.... Every time you have visited us it is a box of delights!"
Heather Andrew, Head of Drama & Performing Arts, Pipers Corner School, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

"Funny but hugely Brechtian."
Jo Capon, Head of Drama, Reading School, Reading, Berkshire

"Fantastic multiroling Invaluable for A-Level."
Ceri Smith, Head of Drama, Tiffin Girls School, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey

"As usual high expectations met."
David Shaw, Head of Drama, Highworth Grammar School, Ashford, Kent

"The teacher pack is excellent too."
Pat Coles, Drama Teacher, Sir Roger Manwoods School, Sandwich, Kent

"Outstanding. Really enjoyable and very professional."
Mair Judd, Teacher of Drama, Waingels College, Reading, Berkshire

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ANTIGONE - Autumn 2006 and Spring 2007

Excellent and thought-provoking
Emma Taylor, Cheltenham College, Gloucestershire

The political message in the performance was stunning
Liz Johnson, John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge

Fabulous as ever
Valerie Goodwin, Beaminster, Dorset

I thought that it was exciting, innovative and ideally suited for our students needs.
Jane Kirby, St Marys RC High School, Chesterfield

Entertaining, moving and very Brechtian!
Catherine Windrum, Easingwold School, York

Engaging, innovative and pitched perfectly. Your work is directly relevant and always enjoyable
Dawn Elliot, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, Clitheroe

Lively, energetic and thought-provoking
Sheryl Denton, Patchway Community School, Bristol

Thanks for making Antigone so much fun and for leaving us with a great deal to think about
Debbie Ripolles, Urmston Grammar School, Manchester

An excellent production as always
Carole Shinkfield, St Aelreds Technology College, Merseyside

I wasnt sure how the Brechtian approach to Antigone would work but it made it both accessible to the students and relevant to their lives now. Thanks for an excellent afternoon.
John Wycherley, Team Leader, New College Nottingham

Fantastic, entertaining, educational, brill!
Ollie Morrison, Charters School, Berkshire

An enlightening experience for all involved, produced by a talented team of wonderful people.
Alison Davie, King Edward VI School, Southampton

As always challenging & entertaining in the right measure. Drama that demands thought whilst providing moments of creative excellence.
David Shaw, Highworth Grammar School, Kent

I thought the performance to be dramatically excellent and the students found it thought provoking.
David Prescott, Bablake School, Coventry

High quality Brechtian performance.
Doug Smith, Stantonbury Campus, Buckinghamshire

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FOUR LEGS GOOD TWO LEGS BAD Autumn 2005 and Spring 2006

Venue feedback

"The actors all performed to an exceptional standard with a flair for switching from the highly comical to the tragically real seamlessly. The ingenious use of set, and multimedia was used to its full advantage and was not intrusive but added the thought provoking subtext of the play.

This piece of theatre was a beacon for how small scale touring theatre should be done. Professional and highly talented performers, a clear understanding of their text and their audience and a totally original approach to a text."
Craig Harris, Oldham Theatre Workshop, Oldham

"Splendids reworking of Animal Farm is a thoughtful, humorous, full throttle piece of Brechtian theatre which has the audience enthralled from the outset. Boxer, Napoleon, Snowball and Squeeler are portrayed using only companys unerring ability to use tone, posture and facial expressions to incredible effect, whilst twisting Orwells satire to poke fun at todays world leaders. The simplicity of the set enhances the actors physical presence on stage; using only a table, a curtain and a video screen, Orwells Animal Farm is dragged in to the 21st Century using news footage, multi media animation, and a childs toy farmyard."
Joe Littlewood the Co-ordinator at The Arts Centre, Chesterfield College, Sheffield Rd, Chesterfield

"It was an excellent production with a strong style and superb performance skills"
Rachael Blacklaws, Artistic Director, The Blake Theatre, Monmouth

Teacher Feedback

"It was gold-dust."
Guy Levesley, Repton School, Derbyshire

"Splendid Productions have created a fast-paced, energetic romp of a show in this highly physical, musical adaptation of George Orwells Animal Farm. The cast of three throw themselves with vigour into a host of characters and draws smart parallels between the world of the animals and our modern world, using media imagery. Innovative, stylish, funny, thought provoking. "
Jess Hemmings, Samuel Whitbread School, Bedfordshire

"It was beyond our expectations. The students were captivated by the performance describing it as awesome praise indeed."
Elaine Witherspoon Martin Wickersley School & Sports College, Rotherham

"Everything about the performance was amazing. The use of song and dance was funny and captivating, whilst still putting the point across Characterisation was impeccable."
Heather Drewett, student at Wickersley School & Sports College

"Fantastic interpretations, the performance was entertaining but very informative. Your perception was extremely outside the box, thoroughly enjoyable and the quality of humour used was immense."
James Wright, student at Wickersley School & Sports College

"The performance was superb far exceeding expectations".
Ravinder Jhite, Halesowen College

"A very valuable and stimulating afternoon for our students."
David Stokes,Bradford Grammar

"The performance was outstanding! Exactly what our students needed to see. Kept them entertained and educated spot on!

A very professional set-up!

The pupils really enjoyed it and it has been excellent help to our teaching."
Andrea Chesworth,South Craven School, Keighley

"Best TIE in the market! Youre brilliant."
Phil Gascoyne, Brookfield School, Chesterfield

"As a teacher this has been the most inspiring and interesting thing about the play. It has given them the language and understanding of a style of theatre that is hard to grasp or even appreciate from books and even study (although I do my best to bring it to life we are always constrained by simply giving examples. Here they experienced it for themselves).

The feedback from all was that they thought it was an excellent piece of theatre. Thank you."
Emma Bradley Thomas Rotherham College

"The performance was highly professional and with excellent Brechtian reference points worth every penny."
Andrew Rogers, Ralph Thoresby High School, Leeds

"High quality work. Many thanks for an excellent day."
Sara Howells, Windsor Boys School

"The performance was high quality, fast paced, creatively inventive and innovative."
Kym Martin, Cobham Hall, Kent

"As a company you are highly professional and extremely talented."
Berj Tekerian, St. Bernards Catholic School, High Wycombe

"Thank you, the pupils gained so much. It was a clear and engaging piece, which raised questions and was an excellent demonstration of the relevance of Brecht today."
Danielle Hawkins, Chichester High School For Girls

"Uniformly first-class!"
Rhodri Punter, Queen Annes School, Caversham, Berkshire

"Lovely atmosphere and the pupils were totally inspired."
Pip Cawte, Corsham School, Wiltshire

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THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO UI - Autumn 2004 and Spring 2005

The performance was the best piece of Brecht we have ever seen at school or in theatres.
Emma Powell,Glyn Technology School, Surrey

Generally pupils think his plays are boring but you brought Arturo Ui to life for them. You allow pupils to see Brechtian theory and technique in action
Andrea Asbury,Hull Colegiate School, Hull

Lively, funny, accessible. Students enthralled
Hazel Gibson,The McAuley Catholic High School, Doncaster

An outstanding example of gestic acting and distancing techniques. Comedic and pacey
Liz Johnson,John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge

It was an excellent vehicle for teaching Brecht full of Brechtian techniques.
Rick Perrins,Esher College, Surrey

Thank you for your enthusiastic and engaging work the students are all buzzing about Brecht which was my aim for your visit...
Nicola Nolan,King Edward VII School, Melton Mowbray

It was impressive the range of skills presented and the final reincarnation of Hitler was mesmerising.
Meg Beckett,Bedgebury School, Kent

The energy and clarity of the performers was exceptional
Alacoque Marvin,St Marys School, Menston, West Yorkshire

Youve inspired the group to consider a Brecht play for their final piece!
Chris Tindsley,The Henrietta Barnett School, London

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