"[Splendid] are not only inspirational but give students access to some very difficult skills and texts which challenge and engage them in such a delightful way. Splendid are really serious about helping young people (and Old!) understand and engage with theatre using their own trademark creative style."
Dawn Elliot, Head of Drama, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

"The students learn a lot about theatre when they watch you. They learn about creating new material, how small sets and simple costumes can be used by actors to great effect and how to be bold in characterisation. Your Brechtian influences are also very useful as there are usually few opportunities for students to see some of these ideas in a practical context."
Cheri Whitehouse, Head of Drama and Theatre, Hereford Sixth Form College

"Wonderful team behind each production, challenging and inspirational work, in depth resource pack, potential to purchase DVD to use for revision purposes for live theatre review work."
Helen Macken, Head of Drama, Rainham Mark Grammar School

"I use Splendid every year for Year 13’s re-interpretation based on WJRC syllabus. The kids watch Woyzeck and then have a go at using Splendid’s conventions to create their own. We’ve done A Doll’s House, Dr Faustus, Everyman, Antigone, The Persians, Amadeus so far. We love your style. I was particularly pleased with our The Persians this year. What a bore the original is but we had rap, football chants, horoscopes and a little snatch of Hamilton in ours and got loads of audience laughs. So, thanks for existing, we love you."
Elaine Allen

"We will certainly be asking you guys back again and again!"
Robert Sealey, Westfield Academy

"For the high standard of the performance and the outcome of the student's experience from the workshop, it was priceless."
Zak Lewis, Subject Leader of Drama, Nicholas Chamberlaine School

"The workshop really supported the students in understanding 'doing' is better than 'talking', and how engaging with the audience is crucial... Thank you for another fab play, educational pack and session."
Chrissie Carter, Head of Drama, Aylesford School

"[The packs are] a fantastic help for those of us who teach GCSE and A Level Drama. The background and insight into the process is exactly the sort of information we need to enjoy the performance, and enhance our understanding. (You can quote me on that!)"
Jill Leicester

"Inspiring, passionate, thoughtful, creative theatre at an affordable price IN OUR SCHOOL!"
James Watson, Leader of Learning - Drama, Imberhorne School

"Attention to detail and high expectations ... quality guaranteed"
Sally Bruton, Head of Drama, Loughborough Grammar School

"Highly professional and engaging performance. Completely relevant to our pupils, most of whom will not have seen a piece of theatre like this."
Louise Eden, Drama Teacher, Northgate High School

"You guys were awesome! Fantastic/inspirational role models for our Performing Arts students to watch and have the opportunity to work with. Great teaching resource as all the techniques and devices are so visible."
Nigel Paul, Exeter College

"The resource pack is extremely detailed, knowledgeable and models expertly how to write about adapting materials, researching theatre and preparing a role which is really helpful to the pupils and myself."
Dawn Elliot, Head of Drama, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

"Can't wait for the teaching pack and DVD, but we use this for our devising and live response elements, the kids are always so inspired by the actors... Splendid work is fantastic!”
Gemma Higgins, Teacher of Drama, Thomas Hardye School

"I love that we are able to request such personalised requirements and the performers can be even further responsive to need through discussion on the day - hugely versatile and beneficial to staff and students. "
David Hilton, Area Leader for Arts & Technology, Cottingham High School

"... the style performed, the DVD, the script and the A3 poster make it very easy for students to understand, interpret and evaluate for their exam. The style has also worked extremely well for the performance aspects of our course. Students are able to easily emulate it, yet it is still sophisticated to force them to strive. Last year we had students get perfect marks in Section C ... We attribute a large portion of this success to studying and viewing Splendid's work for the duration of their 2 year course. A level was also 100% A-B with the girls directly using Splendid Style and performances at a much higher level and still coming out with strong grades."
Mark Oakshott, Head of Drama, All Hallows Catholic School

"We get a lot of value from the pack that comes with the show and the dvd is essential gold for us"
Danell Dearden, Head of Drama, Lytham St Annes Technology & Performing Arts College

"I am convinced that the teachers pack and DVD was the reason behind some of our amazing exam results for the Live Theatre question!"
Hannah Shields, Kesgrave High School

"We work with you every year and the performances and workshops are of the highest standard. This quality is sooooo hard to find!"
Kathryn Moore, Head of Drama, Gordon's School

"We love your philosophy and way of working. We also love that you know, and are able to provide what schools really need from this sort of experience."
Simon Meredith, Drama Teacher, Twynham School

"I have had many theatre companies come in and work with the students over the years but I have never enjoyed having a group in so much. The cast were so accommodating and professional and a true pleasure to work with. Thank you a million times for such an amazing theatrical experience."
Cath Pepper, Head of Drama, Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts

"We must have seen at least a dozen Splendid productions now, and we've never been disappointed."
Annette Harris, Head of Drama, Leicester Grammar School

"We have seen your work before and we own a number of your DVDs. You're the best resource out there for teaching Brecht."
Stephanie Patchett-Byrne, Drama Teacher, St. Wilfrid's Academy

"Always know that in booking a performance and workshop with Splendid Productions you can guarantee the quality... Knowing that we can order the DVD and script later on means that we can use these resources as excellent revision material."
Caz Barber, Head of Performing Arts, The Queen Katherine School

"Great way of introducing ideas and techniques that the students can use in their own devised work... The best, most creative theatre company working today."
Phil Gascoyne, Head of Drama, Brookfield Community School

"For both staff and students it exceeded our expectations. We often share the performance videos we have with students and the live event surpassed their ideas of what the production would be. They were enthralled.

The workshop was full of energy and engaged all the students involved. The messages given and way of working has had a profound effect on how the students approach their learning. Fast paced and informative!... They now have transferable knowledge to help with all their study. The change in work ethic is already apparent."
Caila Carr, Subject Leader of Drama, City of Norwich School

"The department have used Splendid before and cannot fault the professionalism, quality and value the company bring. The relevant content only cemented the ideas that we needed to show the students your work."
Serena Mills, Ranelagh School

"Splendid's productions are a fantastic way for students to see technique and style of practitioners in practice. So many influences from Lecoq, Berkoff, Brecht, etc - all can be referred to in lessons after they have seen something. Great to get ideas for imaginative and creative devising projects too!"
Leo Cox, Head of Performance Faculty, Ormiston Sudbury Academy

"We use you as practitioner examples in both A Level and BTEC... we book every year because it benefits us in so many ways"
Sarah Waterman, Subject Area Manager for Performance & Film , Palmer's College

"We try to take our GCSE and A Level students to see Splendid productions whenever we can. They often choose to cite Splendid in their written work and it is clear from their practical work that they have been inspired by Splendid's work. It is also a great way for students to see Brechtian theatrical techniques used within a performance in an accessible and creative way. Thankyou for the work you do and for making theatre so enjoyable and accessible for students, encouraging them to take risks and commit to their own performances."
Lizzie Bloomfield, Head of Performing Arts, Oldfield School

"I can't think of another company who offers such an original, contemporary and student friendly theatrical experience."
Hayley McNally, Head of Creative Learning Faculty, Broadgreen International School

"I wanted to say a huge thank you to you from all the students and myself. The feedback from them was amazing! They loved the activities, learnt tonnes and especially liked the professionalism and high standard you were asking of them. It really made them work hard and think about what their strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to devising and being part of such a challenging devising process. So a huge thank you to you for making it such a special day."
Laura Alexander, Head of Drama, Chipping Norton School

"Some companies provide a perfectly adequate session but without the love, the zest and the daring to make a real impact. However, you demonstrate gesture, inflection and attitude at every turn. Humour became a key tool. I have rarely seen students laugh with such abandon. Your praise was generously heaped but only for some progress made. And the mark of a good session: the students got better. In short, you left us with something to build on."
Andrew Brook, Head of Drama, Sutton Valence School

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and your wonderful team for our workshops and performance yesterday - it was such a fantastic day. The team were so warm and flexible in dealing with the students and helping them to access the complexities of the text, of Brecht and to get them engaged in physical theatre! I am very keen to work with you a bit more, is it too early to book for next year? ... I have had such lovely feedback from parents and our students who can be a tough crowd! Kerry and her team were brilliant to watch, I think we enjoyed the day as much as the kids!"
Naomi Akielan, Head of Drama, Hinchingbrooke School, Huntingdon

"I just wanted to say I had my final Splendid workshop yesterday (the third in 5 years) and it was amazing! It was such a freeing experience and I'm so excited to use the skills and tips on stage. The performance was fantastic, I loved every minute of it! Coming from quite a traditional school where occasionally the girls are sidelined in drama, it was beautiful to see these three amazing women rule the stage in so many guises."
Beth, Student

"I have been booking Splendid Theatre for the past 6 years and the standard of their work and the creativity of their approach never wanes. This is a company who visit us on an annual basis, bringing their unique interpretations of set texts to perform to our students.Each production is impeccably rehearsed and disciplined in execution, reinforcing the strong theatrecraft tradition of this company - an important message for students to learn.

The artistic interpretation of the plays themselves are wonderful. The company works very hard to make the text accessible for its audience but without compromising the play's integrity. This results in a performance style that has come to be Splendid's trademark - one that overflows with energy, is inventive in staging and sparkles with witty banter and repartee.

The students' response to Splendid's work over the years has consistently been extremely positive. They are inspired by the simple yet imaginative use of space, props and costume; they admire the ease with which the actors convey complex characters and ultimately, they respect the way that this small company is able to convey narrative that enthuses, engages and connects with its audience. Splendid manage to entertain and educate, no mean feat."

Mitch Winfield, Course Director BA (Hons) Education: Secondary Drama, Cardiff Metropolitan University

"I have worked with Splendid Productions for the last 5 years and I will continue to use them for as long as I am teaching. Their workshops are a wonderful resource not only for the students who thrive under the tutelage of the workshop leaders but I too have become a much better practitioner through observing the excellent practice and employing their ideologies and techniques into my teaching.

I have also had the privilege of bringing Splendid Productions in to my school to perform their unique interpretations of The Trial and Medea. With each performance I have been overawed by the quality of the performance both in terms of their innovative staging and the quality of the acting. The subsequent workshops have inspired and developed my students beyond all recognition. Year on year, I have seen my students apply a range of techniques and ideas that they would have normally not have attempted, but because of the confidence instilled by the workshop leaders they take risks that almost always pay off.

I would recommend Splendid Productions to everyone the performances are innovative and thought provoking and the workshops are truly inspiring.Thank you Splendid Productions on behalf of all my students who would never have dared to take the risk and would have never reaped the rewards."

Louise Davey Head of Drama The Harefield Academy

"Splendid Productions are an innovative, creative company that totally inspire the young people they work with. We have been working with Kerry Frampton and Splendid Productions for the last 8 years and every year they never fail to teach our students something new. It is also a truly fantastic CDP opportunity for staff.

Kerry and her team always approach the drama theory in a fun and engaging way so that the students are able to grasp the ideas easily and experiment with the work of practitioners with confidence. The performances that we have seen in the past with Splendid have always been riveting to watch and the students leave buzzing about what they have seen. For them it's more of an experience than just watching a play. The workshops are always challenging and encourage the students to take risks and work outside of their comfort zones. They are always flexible and always happy to advise you.

Kerry and her team have such a fantastic way of working with the students that makes them feel at ease and that their opinions and comments are important."

Jo Bowden Head of Drama Blenheim High School

"Excellent value, especially compared to other companies."
Sarah Pemberton, Head of Drama, Chancellors School

"I love your work, my pupils are really inspired by you."
Stephanie Patchett, Drama teacher, St Wilfrids Academy

"The students were fully engaged, expected to (and did) work hard, and were challenged... It put into practise what the students had been doing in class."
Rhodri Punter, Head of Drama, Queen Anne's School

"We always book Splendid! Your visit has become part of our performance schedule... your work is always engaging and the students love it."
Belinda Francis, Head of Drama, Charters School

"...sheer perfectionism and attention to detail, working hard to achieve the best."
Valerie Goodwin, Head of Drama, Beaminster School

"We can always rely on you to deliver value for money. You are inspiring to teachers and pupils because you are so passionate about what you do, and you explain it so clearly that it makes us want to get up and do it ourselves."
Jannette Bloor, Director of Performing Arts, The Grange School

"We have been seeing Splendid performances for the last seven years and they have never disappointed"
Andrea Asbury, Head of Drama, Hull Collegiate School

"A barrowload of performance skills in one helping… Professional performers who talk the talk and walk the walk. Theory in practice brilliantly exemplified…. Worth every penny."
Helen Whelan, Head of Drama, Parkstone Grammar School

"I find the Spendid Team so welcoming, enthusiastic and supportive. A real gem."
Leonora Penny, Head of Drama, Corfe Hills School

"The work has had a huge influence on the students"
Melissa Knox, Head of Drama, Sir William Ramsay School

"I’ve already had one of my students telling me what the pivotal moments in The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui are, for the character of Ui, and why he feels that he should do it in the way Kerry suggested! I can’t think of another theatre company who are as approachable and enable in this way. It is such a huge boost for the students to be able to explore their own ideas with a professional company and not just have their teacher to turn to."
Andrew Shakeshaft, Head of Drama, Monmouth School (The Blake Theatre)

"Overall I just love the energy, passion and general approach Splendid have to making high quality, imaginative and thought provoking theatre; it is inspiring for me as a teacher as much as it is for my students."
Sarah Waterman, Drama & Theatre Studies Curriculum Manager, Palmer's College

"We get you back every year because you inspire the students. Your work gets referenced by them in their written work and in their practical work. I think the best thing is that they get to see someone else come in with not very much and create totally absorbing, exciting theatre in their own studio. It raises the game for them. It also helps them to get to grips with Brecht and inspires them to play with the actor/audience dynamic in their work."
Helen Stanley, Head of Drama, Rochester Grammar School

"Splendid are simply the most student friendly company I have encountered in my teaching career and I will continue to use them year after year without question. No one else is able to engage the students so quickly!"
Kerry Pilcher, Head of Drama, Chesterfield College

"Our students are so inspired by Splendid’s energy, skill and all round brilliance. Please let us know as soon as next year’s tour is available. Can’t wait."
Jude Summers, Head of Drama, William Farr Comprehensive School

"[A Splendid session] has more effect on the pupils than a term's worth of lessons."
John Sentance, Head of Drama, Repton School

"I cannot recommend Splendid highly enough, they make difficult theory and practice accessible and vibrant. We have used them for the last five years and will continue to do so in the future"
Andrea Asbury, Head of Drama, Hull Collegiate School

"Year after year the company deliver high quality theatre"
Sally Harris, Arts Director, The Kingswood School

"Too many visiting practitioners perform badly and replicate what modern drama teachers now do themselves... Splendid perform extremely well with a genuine sense of theatricality, humanity and flair. They understand and augment teachers and teaching and should be cherished."
Jay Green, Oakham School, Leicestershire

"The best theatre company we have ever had working in the school."
Hazel Gibson, The McAuley Catholic High School, Doncaster

“You were very professional and lots of fun, and we learned a lot (I include myself in that!)”
Amy Southworth, Richmond School, Richmond, North Yorkshire

“You’re the best!”
Chris Tindsley, Head of Drama, The Henrietta Barnett School, Hampstead

“The standard of teaching, both performance and knowledge is a real benefit to students.”
Jo Parr, Head of Drama, Turton Media Arts College, Bolton, Lancashire

“[Splendid] have consistently high standards!”
Suzy Epstein, Head of Drama, Aquinas College, Stockport, Cheshire

“Professional, relaxed and above all passionate about theatre.”
Richard Coe, Head of Drama, The Rochester Grammar School, Rochester, Kent

“Antigone last year was fantastic, as was the pack which accompanied it. The girls did very well on this paper!… The education pack is FANTASTIC! I’d even go so far as to say ‘Gold dust!’”
Clare Norton, Head of Drama, Colston’s Girls School, Bristol

“This is our fourth time with Splendid – never disappoints.”
Valerie Goodwin, Head of Drama, Beaminster School, Beaminster, Dorset

“Reliable and High Quality.”
Mair Judd, Teacher of Drama, Waingels College, Reading, Berkshire

"You are a reliable company - I know I am booking high quality 'in yer face' theatre not patronising nonsense."
Susan Frater, Head of Drama, Blessed George Napier, Banbury

"There is no one else like Splendid both able to demonstrate excellent theatre and enable students to explore it for themselves."
Helen Whelan, Head of Drama, Parkstone Grammar School, Poole

"Can you come back every week?"
Louise Kelly, Head of Drama, Kesteven & Grantham Girls' School

“Professional, passionate and organised.
Kym Martin, Cobham Hall, Kent

"Mind blowingly creative."
Pam Ellis, Dinnington Comprehensive, Sheffield

"We think you are brilliant - highly accessible theatre."
Ros Clarke, The Gryphon School, Dorset

"For the 3rd year, you have created a stunning performance that allowed my students to experience and engage with Brecht in practice. Thank you!."
Shaun Baker, Ravens Wood School, Kent

"Brilliant - yet again you've delivered the goods. You tick every box!"
Liz Sears, St Edmunds School, Canterbury

"Uniformly first-class! "
Rhodri Punter, Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, Berkshire

"Highly professional and extremely talented. "
Berj Tekerian,St. Bernards Catholic School, High Wycombe

"Best TIE in the market! You’re brilliant."
Phil Gascoyne, Brookfield School, Chesterfield

“A very professional set-up!”
Andrea Chesworth, South Craven School, Keighley

“Enthusiastic, professional and passionate”
Richard Coe, The Rochester Grammar School, Kent

“What is most impressive is your company’s intelligent understanding of your material and the urgency – which is infectious – that emphasises the learning. The dynamic way of teaching challenges the students and excites them into reading the play with a fresh, interested perspective. Students have raved about your work.”
Sally Harris, The Kingswood School, Northamptonshire



"We’ve been ecstatic with the service and value provided by Splendid since working with you all from 2015 onwards – and Monday was no exception. The students were extremely new to Brecht so Scott adapted his teaching immediately to accommodate that. He was an extremely likeable figure for our boys to grow in confidence across the day. They looked up to him and felt safe in expressing themselves."
Jon Vickery, Head of Drama, Langley Park School for Boys

"It was incredible to see some of the transformations from ‘cerebral’ / let’s draw a diagram-students into instinctive / bold performers that they became by the end of the afternoon."
Josie Downer, Head of Drama, St Nicholas’ School

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful time we had on Friday meeting Kerry and working with her and our A level students. Her persona was fabulous and her knowledge was wonderful; it was a great introduction to Brecht and Woyzeck for our students...This was our first workshop with Splendid and we would thoroughly recommend it to other schools."
Gemma Grubb, Hazelwick School

"Just wanted to say what great workshops John ran yesterday. I think it really challenged and stretched the pupils which was exactly what they needed."
Charlotte Revie, North Bridge House

"I just wanted to drop you a line to express my thanks and that of my students for Jimmy’s awesome workshop at our school all the way up in (ahem) ‘sunny’ Cumbria, yesterday. Students across all years – 10, 12 and 13 were full of appreciation and praise for Jimmy’s comic and insightful delivery on devising and Berkoff. I found it fantastic CPD. It’s all too easy to find yourself creatively dehydrated at times doing this job day in day out. Jimmy’s ideas were great."
Mike Vogler, Head of Drama, Ulverston Victoria High School

"John was a fantastic facilitator, very cheerful, energetic and engaging for our young people."
Laura Molloy, Park High School

"We had an AMAZING day on Wednesday! Kerry is a force of nature and a totally inspiring person to watch work! The students were absolutely buzzing afterwards as was I!"
Alison Quarrell, Chase High School

"...engaging and professional at all times. The pupils explored physical storytelling and Splendid's high energy style through a variety of tasks which built on prior knowledge. John was excellent at linking to the GCSE and A level specs. We had an amazing experience and the pupil loved it!"
Kerry Stanley, Hellensdon High School

"[The workshop] came at the right time, when year 11 students were a bit stagnant with their devised work. The exercises, vision and approach John provided in his well planned 90 minute sessions re vitalized their thoughts and approach and has lead to some exceptional progress over the last week."
Vicky Scales, Subject Leader Drama, The Angmering School

"It was such an inspirational workshop not only for the pupils but we also found it immensly helped our understanding of Brecht in action... The pupils were still buzzing in their lesson today and it has transformed their devised work we cannot thankyou enough!"
Elin Parry, Head of Drama, Ysgol Dinas Brân

"The workshops allow students to see excellent examples of how to devise creatively and specifically get to grips with Berkoff and Brechtian styles. It is also really useful for the students to ask professionals questions to do with devising and performing... incredibly enjoyable and useful."
Jennifer Stephenson, Teacher of Drama, Tupton Hall School

""... professional, good humoured and exceedingly knowledgeable. [The practitioners] had superb rapport with the students, making them at ease and allowing them to be highly creative."
Natasha Coccia-Clark, Director of Drama, Reading Blue Coat School

"[The workshop leader's] level of energy and passion, knowledge and expertise was wonderful to see and be a part of. [The workshop was valuable for] development of subject knowledge and understanding, including the key practitioners' approach to creating and developing work - ways of exploring devised work - reignited passion for the subject I love."
Lucy Colgan, Head of Drama, Ockbrook School

"The providers asked what areas we wanted covering and tailored the workshop to allow for this. The workshop leader continually adapted the workshop to meet the needs of the students. This was fantastic, as we find often a workshop is just delivered whether the students 'get it' or not. Splendid's adaptability and flexibility meant that the workshop felt really beneficial... I have already found myself using lots of the exercises with students."
Emily Moll-Colman, Teacher of Drama, Huish Episcopi Academey

"Just to say we had an excellent afternoon with John. We have a couple of kids that don't readily engage and they were fully involved this afternoon. It was great to see the results if their work with him, some very inspired stuff!"
Sarah Howell, Berkhamsted Youth Theatre

"We had a workshop with you last week! It was AMAZING! Our pupils had the time of their lives! Kerry took into consideration all of the varying pupils needs and made them all feel comfortable to perform. They learnt so much in such a short time frame! Well done Splendid!"
Emma Lee, Ponteland High School

"[The workshops] were effectively tailored to the needs and abilities of the groups, with rigor and challenge."
Sally Bruton, Head of Drama, Loughborough Grammar School

"We really appreciated the workshop leader's firm manner on insisting on focus in performance. This has revolutionised some students' attitudes recently. Thank you!"
James Watson, Head of Drama, Imberhorne School

"The workshops are inspiring for pupils and students because they always show a sense of commitment that an actor has to give, the workshop leaders never settle for second best. The professionalism of the company always shines through. Not only does a Splendid day inspire our students they always inspire us too. We always come away with ideas and new techniques that we can try out in the classroom.You deliver in so many areas and I like your flexible approach on the day. The company are always willing to bend to the needs of the pupils and students (and also the teachers too)."
Sara Shipley, Head of Academic Drama, Bay House School and Sixth Form

"I would just like to say how much our students enjoyed the workshop delivered by John yesterday. It was a fantastic morning and one that the students will remember for a long time."
Gav Rathmell, Hurworth School

"Please can I say a HUGE thank you for our wonderful workshop with Jimmy. The students left energised and ready for their next phase of the devising process. The activities were relevant and have really informed how they create and build their performances. It was also wonderful for me as their teacher to see them flourish in this environment and to see their excitement and confidence build throughout the workshop. Students who would often sit back and take a back seat were brought out of their shells by Jimmy's good humour and kind and creative approach...Myself and my students have learnt loads!"
Ali Lambourne, Curriculum Leader, Eggar's School

"Just wanted to let you know how much we loved Scott's workshops today! He was so wonderful with the students and the workshop delivered was exciting, challenging and very well structured. I cannot recommend your theatre company enough!"
Miss P Ritchie, Subject Leader of Drama, Brune Park Community School, Gosport

"Just a quick message to say a BIG thank you for our fabulous workshop with Jimmy yesterday. The students were a bit nervous to start but soon warmed to Jimmy and his expert delivery. An invaluable workshop that we can reference and include in our work."
Sarah Standage, Subject Leader for Drama, Sir Frederic Osborn School, Welwyn Garden City

"Just a quick note to let you know how much both the students and I enjoyed the workshop... Gen was so inspiring and the students learnt so much (as did I!)"
Mrs Charlotte House, Head of Drama and Theatre Studies, Abbey Gate College, Chester

"Not only was the workshop great, with excellent content, pace and understanding of skills which will greatly help our year 13’s with their current unit but it was the inspiration left by Kerry. Staff and students were in awe of her knowledge and experience and she left us all in such a positive place when she left. Her astute and sensitive observations of our students and the feedback she gave them in order to progress as performers was priceless and they have not stopped talking about her! As a department we are already thinking of ways we could bring her in for whole staff INSET as we found her visit so inspiring and uplifting! Thank you again for such smooth organisation and a wonderful experience."
Ali O'Neill, Head of Drama, Herne Bay High School

"Kerry was amazing, as per usual! Our students always feel so comforatable working with her, they really push themselves out of their comfort zone as they fully trust her."
Victoria Buse, Head of Drama, Hampton School, Middlesex

"So pleased with the workshop! Scott was great in getting the kids to get up and try ideas instead of them just talking about it for hours on end! He lead the workshop as a professional actor and the kids really enjoyed meeting his expectations of what a good performance should look like."
Sarah Waine, Head of Drama, Woolwich Polytechnic School

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for sending Gen our way this morning. The girls LOVED the workshop and got heaps out of it... She quickly gained the trust of the group. Each stage had clear progression and relevance to their devising process. Our girls have learnt a lot about their tendency to talk and describe rather than to experiment and improvise. They have also begun to understand the need to commit totally to each moment so that it has significance for them and clearly conveys their intention for their audience. As she said 'I’m not going to create this for you; I’m going to show you how you might approach creating it for yourselves.'"
Sarah Adams, Director of Drama, Godolphin & Latymer School, London

"Please can you pass my thanks on to John who ran our session on Monday - the kids have responded wonderfully and have been rehearsing like mad - even turning up at lunchtimes which is unheard of. He certainly had an important impact on them all so thank you."
Annabel Rook, Head of Drama, George Mitchell School, London

"Thank you so much for today’s workshop. It was absolutely everything I had hoped for and a little bit more!"
Helen Raeburn, Head of Drama, Kesteven and Sleaford High School

"...a fabulous day that left me feeling inspired and energised. The student workshop was great to watch and I gleaned some tips from the hugely talented workshop leader. It was nice to see other students from other schools engaged in their work and it’s a luxury to observe someone else at work with the same role as you."
Mandy Johnson, Head of Drama, Rednock School

"Many thanks for a wonderful afternoon in your company today. The workshop was gloriously flamboyant and fun and evidently enjoyed by all participants. You got some pretty unlikely folk to do some extraordinary things and I was very pleased with them especially. I was delighted too that you challenged them to reflect back and try things differently or a second time."
Matt Smith, Head of Drama, Lancing College

"This week we have seen the kids naturally incorporate the skills, tools, ideas, inspiration and confidence you helped them discover into their work. Both you and your work have had a wonderful and unforgettable impact on these students!"
Rachel Zweig

"The workshop was fun and entertaining and made them realise they speak too much and do not try enough out. The exercises were original and helped them to work more as a group... It was excellent and showed the students exactly what we needed them to see in order to open their minds and become more creative with their own work."
Rachael Iddiols, Head of Drama, Dartford Grammar School

"It always exceeds expectations... Great feedback from students - lots of energy in the space. They're not like that with everyone"
Steph Garland, Curriculum Leader for Performing Arts & Music, Hereford College of Arts

"Our Year 9 Boys loved the experience and cannot stop talking about it - much to the delight of their teachers! I know I can always rely on Splendid for fantastic workshops and engaging experiences for our students"
Claire O'Malley, Head of Drama, Netherthorpe School

"As ever, brilliant. Students have been inspired left, right and centre... A sense of knowing my students' needs based on instinct, and the energy and fresh approach to teaching them how to make theatre."
Sarah Waterman, Curriculum Manager Performing Arts, Palmer's College

“Splendid delivered an excellent workshop for the AS students in June. It is no surprise, therefore, that the quality of the devised work in the A2 this year has been so high. The students have produced some superb work, showing inventiveness in staging techniques and a willingness to experiment and challenge themselves creatively. This has been greatly influenced by their work with Kerry.”
Ravinder Jhite, Head of Drama, Halesowen College

“Fresh and invigorating… Your unpicking and developing of rehearsal techniques was great. Excellent attention to detail and great discipline - all of the students valued this.”
Lara Ramrattan, Head of Drama. Ilkley Grammar School

“The workshops are completely accessible to all my students and the standard of work they produce within the sessions is amazing. The high grades my students achieve in their practical work is definitely aided by their experience of Splendid.”
Debbie Rippolles, Head of Drama, Urmston Grammar School

“It reinforces everything I say and provides a model they can refer back to and lots of ideas for them to use in their own work… I like the mixture of honesty, praise, encouragement and criticism. You make them feel safe but also tell them the truth.”
Helen Eve, Head of Drama, Palmers Green High School

“Very flexible and well-tailored to meet our needs.”
Peter Ging, Head of Drama, The Emmbrook School

“We had asked for a range of techniques associated with Berkoff's style and theory to underpin this and that's what we got.”
Jessica Payne, Head of Drama, Ashlawn School

“You don't let them get away with sloppy work… You support the most nervous and challenge the most confident. I've been doing this for twenty years - you are easily the best.”
Mat Walters, Head of Theatre Studies, Hereford Sixth Form College

“I have seen a marked difference in the confidence of some of my middle achieving students, who appear to have a greater sense of characterisation in their performance work. You and your team have clearly had a positive impact on my students.”
Andrew Sills, Head of Drama, Knights Templar School

“Year on year, I have seen my students apply a range of techniques and ideas that they would have normally not have attempted, but because of the confidence instilled by the workshop leaders they take risks that almost always pay off.”
Louise Davey, Head of Drama, The Harefield Academy

"Your workshops expose our students to a theatre company that is passionate about the empowering/civilising effect of theatre."
Sally Harris, Arts Director, The Kingswood School

“Entertaining, informative and challenging as always … Can we employ you?”
Sarah Hay, Head of Drama, Queens’ School, Watford, Hertfordshire

“This one was particularly clever and challenging”
Sally Harris, Arts Director, Kingswood School, Corby, Northants

“…inspirational ideas which re-energises my work”
Sophie Welsh, Head of Drama, Lord Williams’s School, Thame, Oxfordshire

“It is superb for pupils to work with ‘real’ actors.”
Nigel Richards, Head of Drama, Brinsworth School, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

“We have always been very pleased with the quality of the workshops.”
Sophie Bates, Drama Teacher, The Blue School, Wells, Somerset

“Your enthusiasm for Brecht was contagious… It was fantastic to be able to watch the students create such imaginative work… You’re friendly, approachable and our students love you!”
Martha Bentley, Drama Teacher, Brigshaw High School, Castleford, West Yorkshire

“Lively, practical and engaging… Both groups felt their skills were developed.”
Catherine Windrum, Head of Drama, Easingwold School, York, North Yorkshire

“High energy and complete commitment meant all students were focussed and challenged throughout… You are guaranteed value for money and a highly professional experience for all.”
Samm Vince, Drama Teacher, Frome Community College, Frome, Somerset

“…moving students away from naturalism and developing more interesting ways of storytelling.”
Karen Eastwood, Head of Drama, Boroughbridge High School, York, North Yorkshire

“The workshop leader was wonderful. Very open and enthusiastic. You couldn’t help but be infected by that.”
Edwina Smith, Head of Drama, Kelly College, Devon

“Every exercise could be used in their work.”
Arden Sills, Head of Drama, King David High School, Manchester, Lancashire

“You enable GCSE and A-Level to work cooperatively together… Gestic acting and how to perform Brecht clearly inspired my students last year so that they gained exceptional results in Brecht exam… The company played a big part in enabling them to achieve success at A-Level.”
Liz Johnson, Director of Learning Creative Arts & Media Faculty, John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

“Very clear objectives and outcomes… tailor-made to suit my students’ needs.”
Marianna van der Berg, Drama Teacher, Chatham Grammar School for Boys, Chatham, Kent

“The workshop leader was friendly, approachable, encouraging, inspiring…”
Lesley Turner, Assistant Head, Sudbury Upper School & Arts College, Suffolk

"Excellent detail and good humour, there was a good working atmosphere and the students LOVED it."
Elizabeth Martin – Burgess Hill School for Girls

"Professional, superb workshop. Thankyou!!!"
Emma Tarratt, – Burgess Hill School for Girls

"The students gained a huge amount from the workshops. The Artaud workshop was just stunning; it took their practical work to a new level."
Jo Bowden, Blenheim High School

"Very motivating, enjoyable yet challenging."
Lara Ramrattan, Boston Spa Comprehensive School, Wetherby, West Yorkshire

"The students learnt a lot. Amazing hand-outs!"
Annalisa Hamilton, Drama Teacher, Surbiton High School, London – Spring 2007 – Brecht workshop

"Absolutely perfect – it was fantastic! The pupils thoroughly enjoyed it and the sessions really bought the plays to life."
Anne-Marie Lytheer, Drama Teacher, Billericay School, Essex – Spring 2007 – Arturo Ui and Antigone workshop

"The workshop leader (Rosie) was extremely clear, supportive and inspiring. A brilliant session – well planned and delivered"
Participant North Leeds Joint Training Day for teachers – 9th February 2007 – Advanced Physical Theatre

"The standard is consistently high every year"
Suzy Epstein, Head of Drama, Aquinas College, Stockport – Spring 2007

"It exceeded my expectations! The students are still enthusing about it."
Sophie Welsh, Head of Drama, Lord Williams School, Oxford – Advanced Physical Theatre Autumn 2006

"It stimulated the students to be imaginative, focused and physical"
Richard Coe, Head of Drama, The Rochester Grammar School, Kent – Autumn 2006

More about Splendid Workshops


THE ORESTEIA - Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019

"As a piece of drama in itself it was brilliantly engaging and thought provoking. The true genius of it is probably only clear to those knowing the plays and the context well. I don't think I have ever seen a better Oresteia in academic terms or one which took on board and summed up so many of the themes of C5 Athens - making them accessible to a contemporary audience without hijacking any for other purposes. We have had such deep and interesting discussion with both our Y12 and Y13 classes since then, which showed how much they were able to understand and appreciate your work... As Aristophanes said, Schoolboys have their masters to teach them - grown-ups have the playwrights."
Siobhan DeSouza, Classics Department, Hereford Cathedral School

"It was my favourite one so far!"
Sarah Dobson, City of London School

"It's the best performance we've seen for several years, in terms of students' ability to access and understand the performance as well as enjoying it. They are still talking about it. I was impressed with how much my year ten students were able to communicate given their comparative lack of training - this says lots.”
Mark Oakshott, Head of Drama, All Hallows Catholic School

"We loved the show! The themes were particularly resonant and powerful. The exploration of the position of women was brilliant. Have times really changed...? The choral work was excellent and the 3 performers had great chemistry. The use of choral speech and movement was impressive and told the story effectively. The moments of real truth and honesty were really powerful such as Cassandra’s situation and the use of the red fabric... The decision not to portray the gods and focus on characters making choices was a really useful tool into Brecht, Greek theatre and all kinds of discussions about politics, power and justice which I hope I will be having this week as my classes reflect on it and write about it... I will be reading more Greek theatre now. Great stories!”
Phillipa Hockenhull, Head of Drama, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital

"I really enjoyed the depth of thought, the layers that were presented in this performance to the students. There was lots of discussion amongst our students about the different meanings and they liked being able to unpick all the different angles of a complex storyline"
Gemma Higgins, Teacher of Drama, Thomas Hardye School

"We were totally wowed by this production - I couldn't fault it. LOVED it - every second. To hold the attention span of a young audience is no mean feat - and for just over an hour - well done!!"
Helen de Mattos, Director of Drama, Farnborough Hill School

"We loved it!! The performance was so engaging and having seen three other Splendid performances, it always amazes me how different they all are and how fun you make the texts. The students really enjoyed the performance and had plenty to say about style, content and techniques afterwards."
Charlie Close, Kesgrave School

"The feedback from the pupils/students was incredibly positive. To be able to engage with a performance close up and see the 'nuts and bolts' in the Brechtian sense was inspiring to them. They were able to see what could be achieved with relatively few extras. Performers were extremely charismatic, engaging our young people from the outset. Very slick and beautifully structured... The analysis of the production was so much better than we normally get. GCSE and A Level students were really empowered to talk about it - this will pay huge dividends in the written paper when answering the 'Evaluation of a Live Performance' question. In addition, seeing the actors being analytical and so knowledgable was insightful for some of them - develops the understanding of what is required in the industry in terms of skill, commitment and knowledge. We all now have a shared exemplar to reference when discussing work will enhance understanding of practical work also. We will also incorporate some of the exercises into GCSE and A Level work."
Louise Eden, Drama Teacher, Northgate High School

"We loved how powerful the representation of woman in the plays came across - particularly because we are an all boys school and need to expose them to this! The energy and technical ability of the actors to hold the story, performance and audience together was just amazing. We were in awe of Grace, Tania and Nuala!... We thought the design of the show was particularly effective. The use of props were excellent in communicating meaning for audience and gave my A Level students lots to think about in terms of their devised pieces."
Natasha Coccia-Clark, Director of Drama, Reading Blue Coat School

"The creative, imaginative but accessible adaptation really resonated with our students. The performance was full of creative ideas/techniques that truly inspired. The script choice felt particularly relevant within today's political climate... The discussion that followed Orestia was fantastic - students were ignited in terms of the narrative, acting and political message. Our students really enjoy and look forward to seeing your latest production. The workshops support the exam specifications and provide a different insight for our students. You get to come in and be far more exciting as you can solely play and push them in a new way. Plus - we REALLY enjoy having you here!"
Emily Moll-Colman, Head of Drama, Huish Episcopi Academy

"It was engaging, fun and relevant for the students... [We] had raving reports on the show afterwards."
Bethany Bratby, Teacher, Elliott Hudson College

"I was so impressed with the performance... the level of energy and comitment required and the performers were formidable, so engaged and so engaging. The play itself, as well as being fun and a provider of a rollercoaster of emotions was a lesson in Brechtian techniques and I was grateful that my pupils could see that you don' t have to go to the NT to see some fantastic theatre. Also impressed by the fact that they all kept up the energy for the whole day workshops, talk about stamina :) ... Thank you for a fabulous first experience with Splendid, I will be back."
Geraldine Whitfield, Acting Head of Drama, Repton School

"As always the performance was outstanding, slick, rich in theatrical techniques and style. Great inspiration for our students. The skill delivery of the three performers was exceptional - a privilege to watch."
David Hilton, Area Leader for Arts & Technology, Cottingham High School

"It was a fantastic performance providing invaluable resources for reviewing productions at both GCSE and A level. Furthermore it was really engaging and inspirational for pupils in terms of helping them with their own performance skills... The actors were great with the students- positive and engaging to listen to. Their enthusiasm and passion for their work really inspired the students and gave them the confidence to develop their own multi-role skills... It was all really valuable but the performance itself was the most valuable ; it was original, expertly performed, funny yet also moving and featured some ingenious, ideas and characterisation."
Dawn Elliot, Head of Drama, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

"Slick and engaging delivery with a variety of techniques students can see clearly in action. The performance focus and energy also serve as perfect examples to refer students back to when giving them feedback on their own work. ... It's our annual treat."
Simon Watt, Programme Area Leader, West Notts College

"The performance was absolutely exceptional, I would argue the best work I have ever seen by Splendid, and far exceeded expectations... The students who are devising work at the moment are absolutely inspired - we've had tears of joy! You would be amazed how much red has suddenly appeared in students work and how often they are pausing and rewinding!"
Marie Hood, Head of Drama, Newent Community School


METAMORPHOSIS - Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018

"It absolutely exceeded our expectations... This version was such a brilliantly fresh look at the original text that really got over many of the same messages in such an excitingly interesting way. I was smiling with admiration all the way through, and the students found it accessible and fun.

Your guys tailored the content to different years and what those different years needed to get from it. They seemed well aware of curriculum demands which was very good and helpful... Our main focus was to have a live performance for years 11 and 13 to write about in their exam. The performance was so rich content regarding performance style, character and conventions. It has given them plenty of 'moments' to talk about and analyse.”
Simon Meredith, Drama Teacher, Twynham School

"The cast had to produce two workshops for differing age groups and they adapted their workshops incredibly well for the needs of the students. The workshops were interesting, engaging and the students learnt a lot.”
Kathryn Moore, Head of Drama, Gordon's School

"We have loved it every time you've come in - always high quality performances providing lots to discuss and explore. The students love it because it's always funny and clear and gives them ideas that they can use in their devising. Also the fact that year 11 can use it for their exam takes care of a lot of logistical problems in trying to get them all out to the theatre!... [The session was valuable] particularly with year 11 who will be writing about the production in the Live Theatre Evaluation section of the exam. The performance gave a lot to discuss and analyse, with a clear purpose and effect behind creative choices. The workshops were a great opportunity to clarify and explore some of those points. The teacher pack has a lot of useful supporting information too - particularly on use of practitioners and design choices.”
Vanessa Sharpe, Drama Teacher, Kennet School

"The performance was fantastic as always! The students were really moved and inspired by it... This is very useful for the A Level groups. The 13s benefit from seeing it before their exam and the 12s are using some of your rehearsal techniques to create big, bold characters as a warm up for their performance piece.”
Nicola Schoonderwoerd, Head of Drama, Tewkesbury School

"The performance was absolutely captivating and, as this was our first time of booking Splendid, has really opened our eyes to the fantastic work that you do... The post show discussion was honestly the best post-show I have ever experienced. Responses were honest, engaging and inspiring!”
Marie Hood, Head of Drama, Newent Community School

"It was witty, tender, and visually beautiful.”
Caila Carr, Subject Leader of Drama, City of Norwich School

"The performance more than met our expectations. The cast were fabulous and the students were so inspired by all they saw and continued to talk about the performance and the subject matter for many lessons... It has supported the unit 1 of the BTEC National and also Unit 6 as the students have decided to use splendid as their practitioner, Component 1 of Educas A Level for the reinterpretation unit.”
Cath Pepper, Head of Drama, Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School College of Performing Arts

"It was excellent to see the Brechtian style being performed in such an innovative way and with such ease that students may borrow the techniques learnt to apply to their own devising process... The performers were very professional and the theatre performance was excellent. They made the experience stress free.”
Kirsty Simpson, Teacher of CEA, Retford Oaks Academy

"The performance was stunning. The precision of physical movement and creation of ensemble was beautiful. The absurd nature of the narrative coupled with its simple storyline suited Splendid's style perfectly. The cast were magnificent, a taut, meticulous group who brilliantly told their story... The performance itself will work brilliantly for the students to write about in their written exam. The education pack does an excellent job of filling in the gaps in their knowledge and understanding... I am really excited to see what comes next”
Ross Geoghegan, Head of Drama, Cotham School

"Many thanks to Grace for providing a fantastic workshop and really pushing our students... It's great that Splendid are so self sufficient; the booking process is really straightforward and requires minimum paper work and upon arrival all I did was meet the team at reception and they did rest!”
Lizzie Young, Head of Drama, St Lawrence College

"One of my all-time favourite Splendid performances. Just the right balance of spass and emotional detachment. Story-telling of an extremely high and innovative calibre delivered by three incredibly talented actors. Our pupils were both entertained and challenged.”
Jannette Bloor, Director of Drama, The Grange School

"Even though we have a workshop each year this was again new material and very much enjoyed by our sixth form students... high expectations and energy pushed our students to achieve a great deal in 90mins... The performance supports the Live Theatre section in the written exam at both GCSE and A-Level. It is brilliant that we are then able to order the DVD to go back over key moments to support the detail in their writing...It is a repeat booking each year due to the continued excellence on the day.”
Sally Foley, Subject Leader for Drama, Chelmsford County High School for Girls

"Your creativity is inspiring to both us as teachers and students. You arm the students with so many ideas and prove that theatre has no limitations. We love how you prove to them that you can make amazing pieces of theatre with very little set, props, lighting and that it is all about the story, the characters and the delivery."
Aoife Gibson, Drama Teacher, Berkhamsted School


MACBETH - Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017

"Very engaging and fully appropriate to the age and ability of the students. Pitched exactly right!... The professionalism of the actors and then enthusiasm and general work ethic of the whole company cannot be faulted... Lots of practical ideas from the performance that students have started to use in their work. Also workshop discussion points have helped in students working methods. helped students to see how accessible theatre and live performance can be."
Amanda Haylock, Head of Performing Arts & Music, Christ the King College

"I learnt a lot of theatrical techniques which I will take into my devised lessons. I loved how minimalistic the production was and the use of mime / music."
Maddie Coombe, Drama Teaching Assistant, Monkton Combe School

"As always, you delivered - and then some! Both the performance and the workshop will be useful for exam and controlled assessment preparation for our students across Key Stages 4 & 5... The most valuable part of the session was having professionals teaching the students rehearsal strategies which they can apply to their practical work. I also enjoyed watching the enthusiasm evident in all students who took part... It is an established annual event at our school because we know that it is a fantastic learning experience for our Drama students."
Gry Nielsen, Head of Drama, Burford School

"The performance was brilliant! It was extremely engaging. We loved the way in which you explored the relationships, how you used song to communicate the murders and the use of costume was fascinating.The workshops were fantastic at getting the students to work cooperatively in teams and to get them out of their comfort zone... For both KS4 and 5 the students have to write about a live play and this performance and workshop gave them ideas about how Macbeth could be performed to a contemporary audience and how Brechtian and design elements have been used... The connection between the actors and audience and having live theatre in school is invaluable."
Jenny Plant, Head of Drama, King Edward VI School Lichfield

"Having a company come in and show the students a good example of a Brechtian performance really helped with the students understanding of his work."
Catherine Weaver, Drama Teacher, Gillotts School

"Engaging, relevant, and political as ever! Always guaranteed to bring accessible, engaging and challenging theatre that is relevant to their audiences."
Stuart Borrill, Head of Drama, St Margaret's School

"A brilliant adaptation of Macbeth that captured the play brilliantly from some new angles. This is fantastic for generating discussions about the issues it drew out as well as inspiring our students in the creation of their own work and is excellent for analysis for their A level theatre response exam... The discussion about the play was productive and turned into some practical exercises that we can develop in class. The students loved working with the performer they had just seen and understand the thought processes that actors undertake when tackling and adapting text."
Sarah Waterman, Subject Area Manager for Performance & Film, Palmer's College

"...engaging, entertaining and immersive! The pupils loved it! Many of them commented on the fact that it made Shakespeare accessible. Lots of them were expecting traditional Shakespeare, and were therefore extremely grateful for something so vibrant and fun...For Drama it highlighted a range of theatrical techniques and style. Our year 11 pupils will be writing about it for their Drama exam; it has given them plenty to write about. The education pack is very useful too. For the English classes, it provided an engaging and accessible version of Macbeth...The Drama pupils witnessing the level of detail, energy and therefore rehearsal which goes into polishing and preparing a production. Also, the creativity one can have with Shakespeare."
Leo Cox, Head of Performance Faculty, Ormiston Sudbury Academy

"The adaptation and quality of performance was exceptional... The teacher pack was superb for helping students in their written responses for the new GCSE exam. The Q & A after the performance was clear, engaging and informative."
Sandra Craggs, Drama Teacher, Notting Hill and Ealing High School

"Excellent creative interpretation of Macbeth, superbly acted... brings another dimension in that you come from a purely practical basis which is free from exam confines so it adds a different depth - very valuable to the pupils. Uses what they posess rather than imposing on them... Great stuff."
Maria Jackson, Director of Drama, Culford School

"We have taken students to see Splendid performances at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington before and have found the work you create to bring to life key theoretical ideas in a way that is accessible and easy for students to understand/imitate. We also use your DVDs within our teaching. Having a performance in the school is incredibly convenient compared to the amount of work generated by taking a large number of students on a theatre visit."
Katie Field, Head of Drama, Isaac Newton Academy

"Excellent adaptation of Macbeth, really engaging, exciting and thought-provoking storytelling... Excellent for those who are devising to see original ways of storytelling, and for the Year 11s who are preparing for a scripted performance to see ways of creating strong characters and how much physical commitment is needed."
Jenny Webber, Head of Drama, Kimbolton School

"The performance in particular supports the written exam for the new GCSE and the new A Level where they need to write about Live Theatre. This provides easy access to inventive work without expensive travel to the theatre."
Sally Foley, Head of Faculty, Chelmsford County High School for Girls

"The performance was absolutely fantastic. True to Splendid style - engaging - inspiring. The students have already began to 'steal' many of the ideas for their own performances. Great opportunities for audience interactions and a brilliant hook into Shakespeare for students... The teachers resource pack was very very useful for A level teaching."
Laura Hutt, Assistant Head-teacher & Drama teacher, Calder High School

"...can you pass on our thanks to the actors, they really were amazing and the students had a wonderful morning. They're all really buzzing with ideas and positivity about their own work."
Mark Oakshott, Head of Drama, All Hallows Catholic School

"Our students have been inspired by the fabulous performance of Macbeth, your team perform with such energy. It is wonderful for our students to watch such performances in their own space and has given them many ideas for their devised work. The workshops were exactly what both groups needed! Looking forward to next year already."
Alison Hackett, Head of Performing Arts, Branston Community Academy

"We all loved your Macbeth...So rich and layered and so much fun and energy. The students all want to explore Brecht, Bouffons and Bells."
Malcolm Shaw, Head of Creative Faculty, Belle Vue Girls' School

"The show was really excellent, as was the post-show discussion. We have had some great feedback from both the schools and the general public, who found the show unexpectedly comic and totally captivating."
Fiona Mikel, Promotions Officer, The Beacon

Just been to see your production of Macbeth at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale. Absolutely amazing! Accessible, engaging and really good fun. My students, age range from Year 8 to Year 11 loved it and were totally engrossed. Most of my students have never been to the theatre before and now want to go again."
Ann McMinn, Drama teacher, Failsworth School


THE ODYSSEY - Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016

"The performance has provided great ideas and inspiration... our favourite of all the Splendid we have seen before."
Sally Foley, Head of Drama, Chelmsford County High School For Girls

"WOW!!! What a performance! Our students absolutely LOVED the show! Brilliant!"
Sarah Standage, Subject Leader for Drama, Sir Frederic Osborn School, Welwyn Garden City

"It was epic! A very clever, inspiring and enjoyable show... it ticked all the necessary boxes and a few more! Very dynamic and engaging. Our students were buzzing afterwards."
David Aldred, Head of Drama, The King's School, Peterborough

"The all-female cast showcased the possibilities of performing every role and pushing boundaries."
Davina Robinson, Director of Drama, Farnborough Hill

"The production's use of set, props, costumes, multi-role performances and quality of acting has meant that we can use the production to support students with their 'Live Performance Seen' unit of the AS examination. For A2, students have been able to see how a physical approach to a text can be effective and also more information about the devising process, which supports the students with their Unit 4 devised work."
Cheri Whitehouse, Head of Drama and Theatre Studies, Hereford Sixth Form College

"Thank you to you, Gen and Cordelia for the fabulousness of your show and performances Monday night!!!! All of the students and the three of us teachers loved it! The students have been raving about it... The girl power displayed by you three fiery wenches had inspired them and they have been doing highly energised, funny and brave work."
Kym Martin, Head of Drama, Cobham Hall, Kent

"Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your show at the Lowry yesterday. My wife and I were the 'bemused looking couple' near the front left - despite looking like swatted flies we enjoyed every minute of it. Great fun, very well portrayed and wonderful interaction with your audience. We didn't know what to expect... and at first a bit of "what in the hell is this?" Thinking kept overwhelming us - but that soon went! Wonderful - THANK YOU."
Neil & Clare Baxter, Audience Members, The Lowry, Salford

"St George’s sent a small group of Classics pupils to see Splendid’s production of Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. As a Classics department, it was wonderful to bring our pupils to a drama which was so interactive and stayed so close to the original text."
Charlotte Phipps, Teacher of Classics, St George’s School

"Thank you so much for a wonderful production today! He students were very impressed as were we teachers! Lots to analyse and evaluate for their live productions responses and the workshops were very helpful for that and helping them become more committed and creative with their devising/ impending exam pieces. I particularly enjoyed the songs for this production. Maybe a soundtrack could be a future option?! All workshops were very thorough and met the needs of the students. [I was] impressed with how they catered for our requests and age groups.
Rob Smith, Head of Drama, Colston's, Bristol

"I took my 6th form group yesterday to see the production of ‘The Odyssey’. We were all bowled away by the stunning performance, alongside the amazing professionalism in handling the audience. This was highly valuable to both the groups I brought, helping with devising skills for one group and getting an understanding of ‘real’ live theatre for the other... For us teachers, it was a real pleasure, to watch and learn from such innovative theatre. (The classics teachers will be very jealous at missing out!)"
Juliet Fisher, Head of Expressive Arts, Malvern St James, Great Malvern

I brought a group of 6th form students to see The Odyssey in Birmingham on Monday and can I start by saying that we bloody loved it!! It was our first experience of Splendid live in the actual flesh (we have some of your packs, DVD’s and mind maps) and wow wee we weren’t disappointed! The students left the theatre absolutely buzzing with excitement and ideas and are keen to use the Splendid style in their own devising next year."
Sally Owen, Heart of England School, Coventry

"Thankyou for bringing your production of The Odyssey to SAS Puxi and for the amazing workshop you presented for our grade 11 theatre students. The Brecht / Splendid workshop really resonated with this age group and the coursework that these IB theatre kids are currently undertaking. It was theoretical, practical and allowed them to have a deeper grasp of their Brecht explorations playing into contemporary political ideas, gestus and connecting to themes and devising practices which they were able to see in your production. They were consequently able to understand these concepts on a deeper level in practice.
We were fortunate enough to have you visit us last year and the students and community are still totally in love with your production style, playful approach and ability to quickly and clearly engage them on an intellectual and creative level. Our theatre students, in particular, are still buzzing a year later from Woyzech and thoroughly enjoyed and were inspired by The Odyssey. Your use of humour, versatile acting technique, transformation of characters through voice and body, simple staging and tickle-slap approach makes your work so accessible.
The Odyssey is a wonderful show, full of joyful and tragic moments. With out the great work you do, a big creative chunk would be missing from our international school theatre student’s lives. We study the techniques and ideas of the practitioner’s aspects you draw from in class, but in Shanghai the opportunity to see them actually in practice, is rare. We all feel lucky to have seen your work."

Jean Simmons, Head of Drama, Shanghai American School

"A fantastic learning experience and just some really lovely theatre!... KS5 were able to discuss in length the range of performance skills, structure, practitioner influences and evaluate the things they took away from the performance to create targets for themselves these included "I need to let go of whatever it is that's holding me back from feeling free to explore." "I can see how important physicality is for communicating character" "I don't need all the 'fluff'" "I have identified how to multi-role effectively." We just had a fantastic conversation about theatre! ... Additional support materials are a brilliant resource. Thanks!"
Hollie Graham, Drama Teacher, Great Sankey High School, Warrington

"Exceeded expectations thoroughly! Very creative, engaging and easily accessible by students. Splendid provided a complete package. It helped to prepare students for Controlled Assessments, use of a range of practitioners. The work pack and notes are fantastic."
Mark Oakshott, Head of Drama, All Hallows Catholic School

"Invigorating, witty and thought-provoking. The students loved it and were in awe of the sophisticated minimalism and engaging acting. You have never let us down. Every year this is the best CPD for the teachers and a great experience for the students."
Lara Ramrattan, Head of Drama, Ilkley Grammar School

"Highly original and full of energy. My pupils loved the audience participation because "it made you concentrate more, it made us laugh, but it made us think"! Spoon Odysseus was genius! Your innovative performance style is constantly refined and amended. You strive to give us new experiences each year whilst grounding all you do in truth and integrity."
Janette Bloor, Director of Performing Arts, The Grange School, Cheshire

More about The Odyssey


WOYZECK - Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015

"...what a fantastic production last night. I brought 10 students along and we all thought it was brilliant and very engaging. It has given us lots to talk about in how to portray the play as well as inspiring us in our current work on our devised pieces. So impressive! Thank you for giving us such an inspirational interpretation of this most brilliant play."
Laura Hobbs, Head of Drama, Ralph Allen School

"Just wanted to send another massive thank-you for a hugely inspiring and brilliantly fun afternoon on Friday. The kids bloody loved it! Thank-you again for bringing theatre alive... it is so nice to see kids who would never have seen anything like this in their everyday lives so full of excitement about drama. As Hayley put it: nobody else makes theatre like Splendid do!"
Stephanie Harrison, Broadgreen International School

"Massive congratulations and thanks for last night's performance of Woyzeck! It has been invaluable for my AS group to appreciate the Spass of Brecht and for my A2 group to once again enjoy the palpable energy you guys bring to every performance."
Anna Quiros, Subject Leader for Drama, Mayfield Grammar School

"It ticked so many boxes for me but above all was so wonderfully accessible as a piece of theatre – a brilliant adaptation of, let’s face it, something of a worthy warhorse of a play. The songs were terrific too, but it was the mercurial shifts in character, atmosphere that got to me, a peal of laughter dying in the throat. Those white faces can be so threatening and sinister as well as playful and fun...Cracking stuff."
Matt Smith, Head of Drama, Lancing College

"... your visit has had huge impact on the students. They absolutely adored the show and most importantly being with three of the most refreshing, skilled and assured artists we have ever met. Your passion and commitment for the work is exceptional, contagious and your encouragement and support to the students left them inspired, elated, empowered and ultimately more authentic performers."
Mike Perry, Warwick School

"The performance was incredible, students loved it but us staff were blown away!"
Josh Avory, Chobham Academy

"The characters are so well performed and clearly defined that the students will be able to describe the performance really clearly in their written exams. It will also form the basis of some very good practical work. The opportunity for students to see such careful, excellent quality work is always valuable. "
Cassie Bullock, Subject Leader for Performing Arts, Waingels College

"Gives the students an opportunity to see live theatre (regardless of financial ability to come on trips, or commitment to coming in an evening) and a great opportunity for all the sixth form students to work together and develop practical techniques."
Michelle Sinclair, Assistant CL Drama, McAuley Catholic High School

"The students were engaged, motivated and inspired. The Brechtian style theatre you produce provides an excellent example of the skills and techniques within this genre. The students use the performance as inspiration for their work. It takes them out of their 'kitchen sink' way of acting."
Jodie-Leigh Brunt, Course Leader of Performing Arts, Thomas Rotherham College

"The performance is engaging for students so they enjoy writing their live evaluation pieces on it. Devising and performance work also improves because they see how good theatre can be (and should be). Work on students committing fully and taking risks was most valuable. This is something we try to instill in our students but it's difficult to make them realise the value of being brave in rehearsal - that was what I saw Kerry bring out more in the session."
Rebecca Johnson, Head of Drama, Great Sankey High School

"Thank you for another inspirational morning! Students left buzzing and full of excitement about Drama."
James Watson, Head of Drama, Imberhorne School

"The GCSE students (especially the year 11s) were inspired and interestingly all their work in lesson post-workshop have been hugely influenced by the work. Students were captivated."
Laura McConville, Head of Drama, Gordon's School

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ANTIGONE - Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014

"The performance was absolutely brilliant! ... The fact that it is very different from the original performance conditions gives the students lots to compare and discuss in the exam"
Nicky Rope, Head of Drama, Tewkesbury School

"Yet another example of how Brecht's techniques can be used so effectively. The humour is what the students remember!"
Bryan Sluman, Drama Teacher, Ashfield School

"Energised, clever, accessible and utterly enjoyable"
Liz Jones, Drama Teacher, St Edmund's School

"Particularly funny and the contrast between comedy and tragedy was brilliant"
Pip Cawte, Head of Drama, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital

"The students were thoroughly enthralled... Days like this are what the students will remember!"
Rob Smith, Head of Drama, St Augustine's Catholic College

"Creative and inspiring"
Rachel Brownsword, Head of Drama, St Mary's Catholic High School

"Students are enthused by what they saw and are already discussing ideas they can use in future devising projects... Thanks for a great theatrical experience!"
Emma Hudson, Head of Drama, STWCC

"An outstanding Brechtian tour de force! The emotional punch at the end was brilliant."
Berj Tekerian, Learning Leader Expressive Arts, Amersham School

"Sophisticated and yet deceptively simple, putting acting skills at the forefront. It is also fabulous CPD for us teachers. Invigorating and exciting."
Lara Ramrattan, Head of Drama, Ilkley Grammar School

"Splendid continually bring new and exciting ideas"
Gemma Brown, Drama Teacher, The John of Gaunt School

"Exceeded expectations on all levels, imaginative, hilarious and heartbreaking all at once!"
Carl Dinnington, Head of Drama, Poole Grammar School for Boys


EVERYMAN - Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013

"I thought it was very funny, very poignant and with a very talented cast. The audience participation was a perfect example of how it should be – really engaging and involving – not uncomfortable and threatening. It was a Sunday morning, in a tiny theatre space, with a cast of 3 – yet it was a really profound experience. I was mesmerised throughout and very moved at the end. So thank you to all of you for this experience and for introducing me to Everyman. Although I had heard of it before, this was the first time I realised its power. Life, death and the human condition – what more is there?"
Linda Chanan (Edinburgh audience member)

"One of my favourite Splendid productions... I wanted students to see Brecht in performance and that's exactly what you gave us. Our students enjoyed the physical approach and were suitably challenged... No one else does Brecht better - looking forward to next year already"
Lesley Turner, Assistant Principal, Ormiston Sudbury Academy

"It was beyond my expectations... the best work performed in my school. We spent hours discussing the work and I know the students were impressed... Professionalism, punch and pace."
Allan Lindsay, Head of Drama, Highdown School and Sixth Form, Reading

"I just wanted to say how much we absolutely LOVED having you guys in school today! It was fantastic to see the students so engaged!! And what a production... I have to say (having seen 4 previous ones) this has to be my favourite. (Or at least in my top 2!) I thought it was brilliant!"
Bryan Sluman, Ashfield School, Nottingham

"I write to thank you for your performance of 'Everyman', stunning theatre with layer upon layer of meaning physicalized is such a skilful way as to drive the message home to human hearts of our mortality! I am on a journey that brought up so many parallels that I felt I was observing a narrative of my life –not that one ‘observes’ your productions, more like I was participating in a narrative of my own life. This is theatre at its spine chilling, heart rending best and you had me captivated for the entire performance, as the ideas and creativity that you brought to the script kept flowing seamlessly through the piece; a wonderful modernisation and resonant adaptation of the script. Thank you for all the work, sweat and toil you put in to that."
Rose-Mary McIntyre, Head of Drama, Sherrardswood School

"Many thanks for another fine performance. “Everyman” managed to be highly entertaining, thought-provoking and truly educational in the best sense of the word...we drama teachers were once again delighted by Splendid’s energy, positivity and flair. Such a visit really is the best teaching aid available.
Andrew Brook, Head of Drama, Sutton Valence School

"'Everyman' was superb! To make such a complex text accessible to Year Tens was impressive in itself and the production was a real source of inspiration for my Year Thirteens and their devised pieces. They haven't stopped talking about it!"
Debbie Ripolles, Head of Drama, Urmston Grammar, Manchester

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MEDEA - Autumn 2011 and Spring 2012

"I found it moving and captivating"
Ravinder Jhite, Head of Drama, Halesowen College

"[The performance] reminded me why I love theatre... Directly relevant to Unit 4 and Unit 2 performances"
Amy Brassington, Course Co-Ordinator, New College Stamford

"Oh, how they loved the energy! Medea demonstrated exactly what our students should be striving for. All of our year groups have been inspired to be increasingly experimental in their own practical work. beautiful choral work! Quite stunning."
Kerry Hayes, Head of Drama, Douay Martyrs School

"It was a dynamic, highly creative piece which made a complex story and themes accessible to students of all ages."
Debbie Rippolles, Head of Drama, Urmston Grammar School

"Students were quoting the show the next day with great enthusiasm. Very engaged in discussion, eager to contribute their thoughts in classes following the production."
Victoria Buse, Head of Drama, Hampton School

"The performance is ideal for the written live evaluation - multi-roling, sparse set, song and juxtaposition. Also a wonderful resource for GCSE Edexcel Unit 3 Devising and A2 Devising."
Leonora Penny, Head of Drama, Corfe Hills School

"You got right to the heart of the piece and for the first time, whilst watching Medea, it hit home to me just how relevant to people - women - of today it is... we discussed it for days afterwards"
Jill Haves, Head of Drama, Manchester High School for Girls

"Outstanding stuff - accessible, challenging, entertaining, thought-provoking. Polished and professional - an expert show."
Mat Walters, Head of Theatre Studies, Hereford Sixth Form College

"Undoubtedly the most engaging and enthralling production of Medea I have ever seen. Splendid excelled themselves with this performance which quite literally explored the heart of the play! Their entertaining and educative Brechtian approach was energetic and impossible to take your eyes off from start to finish... quite simply the best performance we have seen this year!"
Trevor Harris, Head of Performing Arts, Stantonbury Campus.

"Brilliant. Myself and the students thoroughly enjoyed the show and it couldn’t have been better for them in terms of their exam."
Ted Moore, Drama / Acting Tutor, Salford City College

"The kids absolutely loved it and came back to school today with a renewed excitement (and stolen ideas!) for their devised pieces."
Shona Carter, Thomas Tallis

"I wanted to say that I think you just get better and better. Medea was the best of the four (five?) of your productions that I have seen – you retained the tragedy but denied us the catharsis which made it all the more tragic. A nugget of concentrated theatrical brilliance."
Helen Stanley, Head of Drama, Rochester Grammar School

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THE TRIAL - Autumn 2010 and Spring 2011

"Strong physicality and exceptionally creative story-telling."
Janette Bloor, Director of Performing Arts, The Grange School, Cheshire

"A really effective piece of theatre, both from a Brechtian and Berkovian perspective."
Liselore Woltering, Acting Director of Teaching and Learning, The Fallibroome Academy, Macclesfield

"This was your best yet!"
Pip Cawte, Head of Drama, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol

"A shocking and invigorating blend of laugh-out-loud comedy and political challenge... the discussion my Year 9 class had about the performance was terrific! Straight afterwards they were using your ideas in their pieces - great to see."
Berj Tekerian, Head of Expressive Arts, The Amersham School

"...brought 'The Trial' to life in a typical Splendid way."
Caroline Barber, Head of Performing Arts, The Queen Katherine School, Kendal

" was an experience – not just a show!"
Kevin Jones, Emrys ap Iwan School, Abergele

"It was very special and a most creative and theatrical piece. You show such skill and have amazing talent, it is a thrill to watch you perform...your ensemble worked brilliantly together. Thank you for such a treat."
Heather Andrew, Head of Drama, Pipers Corner School, High Wycombe

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DR FAUSTUS - Autumn 2009 and Spring 2010

"An outstanding performance... Powerful and effective (and funny too!)"
Berj Terkerian, Head of Drama, Amersham School

"You made it relevant and though-provoking."
Pip Cawte, Head of Drama, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol

"Lots of ideas to cover in class ... great inspiration for our students."
Emma Hathaway-Jenkins, Head of Drama, Baylis Court School, Slough

"It exceeded my expectations! It was a fantastic example of re-interpretation and the students absolutely loved it."
Laura Kendall, Joint Head of Drama, Lord Williams School, Thame

"A synthesis of 'teaching aids' with a great story and text. Rather than seeming a bit forced, it was a great show on its own merit and I was genuinely moved by the end, which will long stay with me."
John Sentance, Head of Drama, Repton School

"The production notes are an excellent resource."
Cassie Nash, Head of English, The School of St Helen and St Katherine, Abingdon

"Brought Faustus to life!"
Valerie Goodwin, Head of Drama, Beaminster School

"As a teacher I find it inspiring! The students draw on your energy and use it within their work."
Matt Bunn, Director of Creative & Performing Arts, Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Aylesbury

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WOYZECK - Autumn 2008 and Spring 2009

"The post-show discussion was the best I've experienced. Really inspiring, reminded me what I good job I have!"
Malcolm Judge, Head of Drama, Austin Friars

"Highly energetic pace - great adaptation and interpretation... mixture of comedy and pathos! Stunning interaction with students"
Liz Johnson, John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge

"I thought its simplicity was magical and inspirational"
Pip Cawte, Head of Drama, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol

"Really engaging and accessible! The students had soooo much to say and loved the acting style... Fab work, fab reputation... You are a lovely company to have in and always produce high-quality work"
Amy Southworth, Head of Drama, Richmond School

"So much energy... transformed our space into a theatrical experience. Professional, talented and knowledgeable"
Gemma Woffinden, Team Leader, Brigshaw High School

"Your quality is summed up by a student who told me after the workshop 'I now love Brecht' - something I could not have done."
Neil Stimson, Head of Drama, Toot Hill School

"Imaginative and thought-provoking... Very professional and approachable... Thanks for a great day - just what we wanted!"
Catherine Roberts, Head of Drama, Westholme School

"Always good to see Brecht being so much fun!"
Sue Grajczonek, Head of Drama, Our Lady's RC High School, Oldham

"A stunning interpretation, entirely appropriate (but not patronising) to the target audience... The day gives practical training and exposure to a very high standard of professional ability... Outstanding performers and the very best workshop leaders I have known."
Guy Levensley, Drama Teacher, Repton School, Derbyshire

"Excellent performance... Fantastic enthusiasm from workshop leaders."
Kim De Large, Drama Teacher, William Farr C of E School

"Superb as always - terrific example of the style... Splendid is part of our exam level curriculum!"
Jude Summers, Head of Drama, William Farr C of E School

"Outstanding acting and very clear Brechtian principles ... Everything is always compared to Splendid. You are hugely respected - rightly so."
Jo Capon, Head of Drama, Reading School

"Brilliant... Best afternoon of all year!"
Phil Gascoyne, Head of Drama, Brookfield Community School

"...Fun but challenging... the performance was sensational"
Kym Martin, Head of Drama, Cobham Hall

"Fantastic, energetic, visually and creatively exciting... We love Splendid! All their work supports our syllabus... Friendly, organised, efficient and FUN!"
Emma Webb, Acting Head of Drama, Townley Grammar School

"The performance made a difficult text lively and engaging - it absolutely exceeded my expectations. An incredibly worthwhile visit"
Claire Hodge, Head of Drama, Greenshaw High School

"Amazing theatre... your style was so impacting and impressive"
Heather Andrew, Head of Drama, Pipers Corner School

"Quality and professionalism"
Karen Eastwood, Head of Drama, Boroughbridge High School

"We have always been impressed with Splendid Productions"
Sarah Addison, Head of Drama, Ousedale School

"The high standard of physical characterisation, inventive staging and clear Brechtian styling was a joy to watch. The students loved it!... Splendid are consistently impressive, and a pleasure to bring in... It was the most stripped back performance since 'Ui' and all the stronger for it, allowing the strong physical performances and sense of Spass to stand out."
Ross Geoghegan, Head of Drama, Cotham School, Bristol

"Excellent - Brecht stripped back to its bare essentials... Engaging, funny, accessible and thought-provoking... Quality assured"
Stuart Borrill, Assistant Head, Nicholas Breakspear Catholic School

"An excellent performance as ever - thank you Splendid!"
Helen Whelan, Head of Drama, Parkstone Grammar School, Dorset

"They got Brecht! They got Brook! They get it!"
Helen Whelan, Head of Drama, Parkstone Grammar School, Dorset

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THE GOOD WOMAN OF SZECHUAN - Autumn 2007 and Spring 2008

"…Made Brecht’s main principals really clear and we now have a wealth of specific examples to refer back to! Especially ‘Spass’, ‘V-Effekt’ and ‘Montage’. The students now really understand these... Such inspiring theatre! Gives the students a real buzz"
Rachel Everingham, Head of Performing Arts, Robert Smyth School, Market Harborough, Leicestershire

"There is no way Brecht can be seen as boring now!"
Joni McAuliffe, Head of Drama, Park House School, Newbury, Berkshire

"The performance provided so many examples of Brecht’s theory in practise."
Helen Whelan, Drama Teacher, Parkstone Grammar School, Poole, Dorset

"…made Brecht look easy!"
Emma Tarratt, Head of Drama, Burgess Hill School for Girls, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

"Vibrant, engaging, slick and accessible. Wonderful!"
Jane Barrie, Director of Drama, Kirkham Grammar School, Preston, Lancashire

"Imaginative, humorous with a real message that struck students… we’ll have you back whatever!"
Andy Day, Head of Drama, Great Sanky High School, Warrington, Cheshire

"Students were blown away by the actors’ physical and vocal bravery."
Sian Tickle, Head of Drama, Merchant Taylors’ School for Girls, Liverpool, Merseyside

"…it has had a lasting impact across all exam groups... The production, workshop and the pack were a breath of fresh air."
Lara Ramrattan, Head of Drama, Boston Spa Comprehensive School, Weatherby, West Yorkshire

"Practical, performance-based example of all things Brecht – perfect for A2 unit 6 questions."
Phil Gascoyne, Head of Drama, Brookfield, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

"The ‘limitations’ of a three-actor touring theatre performance were turned into a strength in a production which was completely captivating and innovative... The performance vividly and consciously demonstrated Brecht in practice, enabling my students to identify and appreciate the different techniques studied... You worked really hard and provided a top-quality package!"
Chris Walker, Drama Teacher, Eckington School, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

"Very accessible, funny and thought provoking."
Neil Stimson, Head of Drama, Toot Hill School, Bingham, Nottinghamshire

"A truly exhilarating production.... Every time you have visited us it is a box of delights!"
Heather Andrew, Head of Drama & Performing Arts, Pipers Corner School, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

"Funny but hugely Brechtian."
Jo Capon, Head of Drama, Reading School, Reading, Berkshire

"Fantastic multiroling… Invaluable for A-Level."
Ceri Smith, Head of Drama, Tiffin Girls’ School, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey

"As usual – high expectations met."
David Shaw, Head of Drama, Highworth Grammar School, Ashford, Kent

"The teacher pack is excellent too."
Pat Coles, Drama Teacher, Sir Roger Manwood’s School, Sandwich, Kent

"Outstanding. Really enjoyable and very professional."
Mair Judd, Teacher of Drama, Waingels College, Reading, Berkshire

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ANTIGONE - Autumn 2006 and Spring 2007

“Excellent and thought-provoking”
Emma Taylor, Cheltenham College, Gloucestershire

“The political message in the performance was stunning”
Liz Johnson, John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge

“Fabulous as ever”
Valerie Goodwin, Beaminster, Dorset

“I thought that it was exciting, innovative and ideally suited for our students needs.”
Jane Kirby, St Mary’s RC High School, Chesterfield

“Entertaining, moving and very Brechtian!”
Catherine Windrum, Easingwold School, York

“Engaging, innovative and pitched perfectly. Your work is directly relevant and always enjoyable”
Dawn Elliot, Clitheroe Royal Grammar School, Clitheroe

“Lively, energetic and thought-provoking”
Sheryl Denton, Patchway Community School, Bristol

“Thanks for making Antigone so much fun and for leaving us with a great deal to think about”
Debbie Ripolles, Urmston Grammar School, Manchester

“An excellent production as always”
Carole Shinkfield, St Aelreds Technology College, Merseyside

“I wasn’t sure how the ‘Brechtian’ approach to Antigone would work – but it made it both accessible to the students and relevant to their lives now. Thanks for an excellent afternoon.”
John Wycherley, Team Leader, New College Nottingham

“Fantastic, entertaining, educational, brill!”
Ollie Morrison, Charters School, Berkshire

“An enlightening experience for all involved, produced by a talented team of wonderful people.”
Alison Davie, King Edward VI School, Southampton

“As always challenging & entertaining in the right measure. Drama that demands thought… whilst providing moments of creative excellence.”
David Shaw, Highworth Grammar School, Kent

“I thought the performance to be dramatically excellent and the students found it thought provoking.”
David Prescott, Bablake School, Coventry

“High quality Brechtian performance.”
Doug Smith, Stantonbury Campus, Buckinghamshire

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FOUR LEGS GOOD TWO LEGS BAD – Autumn 2005 and Spring 2006

Venue feedback

"The actors all performed to an exceptional standard with a flair for switching from the highly comical to the tragically real seamlessly. The ingenious use of set, and multimedia was used to its full advantage and was not intrusive but added the thought provoking subtext of the play.

This piece of theatre was a beacon for how small scale touring theatre should be done. Professional and highly talented performers, a clear understanding of their text and their audience and a totally original approach to a text."
Craig Harris, Oldham Theatre Workshop, Oldham

"Splendid’s reworking of Animal Farm is a thoughtful, humorous, full throttle piece of Brechtian theatre which has the audience enthralled from the outset. Boxer, Napoleon, Snowball and  Squeeler are portrayed using only company’s unerring ability to use tone, posture and facial expressions to incredible effect, whilst twisting Orwell’s satire to poke fun at today’s world leaders.  The simplicity of the set enhances the actor’s physical presence on stage; using only a table, a curtain and a video screen, Orwell’s Animal Farm is dragged in to the 21st Century using news footage, multi media animation, and a child’s toy farmyard."
Joe Littlewood the Co-ordinator at The Arts Centre, Chesterfield College, Sheffield Rd, Chesterfield

"It was an excellent production with a strong style and superb performance skills"
Rachael Blacklaws, Artistic Director, The Blake Theatre, Monmouth

Teacher Feedback

"It was gold-dust."
Guy Levesley, Repton School, Derbyshire

"Splendid Productions have created a fast-paced, energetic romp of a show in this highly physical, musical adaptation of George Orwells Animal Farm. The cast of three throw themselves with vigour into a host of characters and draws smart parallels between the world of the animals and our modern world, using media imagery. Innovative, stylish, funny, thought provoking. "
Jess Hemmings, Samuel Whitbread School, Bedfordshire

"It was beyond our expectations. The students were captivated by the performance describing it as awesome – praise indeed."
Elaine Witherspoon – Martin –Wickersley School & Sports College, Rotherham

"Everything about the performance was amazing. The use of song and dance was funny and captivating, whilst still putting the point across… Characterisation was impeccable."
Heather Drewett, student at Wickersley School & Sports College

"Fantastic interpretations, the performance was entertaining but very informative. Your perception was extremely outside the box, thoroughly enjoyable and the quality of humour used was immense."
James Wright, student at Wickersley School & Sports College

"The performance was superb – far exceeding expectations".
Ravinder Jhite, Halesowen College

"A very valuable and stimulating afternoon for our students."
David Stokes,Bradford Grammar

"The performance was outstanding! Exactly what our students needed to see. Kept them entertained and educated – spot on!

A very professional set-up!

The pupils really enjoyed it and it has been excellent help to our teaching."
Andrea Chesworth,South Craven School, Keighley

"Best TIE in the market! You’re brilliant."
Phil Gascoyne, Brookfield School, Chesterfield

"As a teacher this has been the most inspiring and interesting thing about the play. It has given them the language and understanding of a style of theatre that is hard to grasp or even appreciate from books and even study (although I do my best to bring it to life we are always constrained by simply giving examples. Here they experienced it for themselves).

The feedback from all was that they thought it was an excellent piece of theatre. Thank you."
Emma Bradley –Thomas Rotherham College

"The performance was highly professional and with excellent Brechtian reference points – worth every penny."
Andrew Rogers, Ralph Thoresby High School, Leeds

"High quality work. Many thanks for an excellent day."
Sara Howells, Windsor Boys’ School

"The performance was high quality, fast paced, creatively inventive and innovative."
Kym Martin, Cobham Hall, Kent

"As a company you are highly professional and extremely talented."
Berj Tekerian, St. Bernards Catholic School, High Wycombe

"Thank you, the pupils gained so much. It was a clear and engaging piece, which raised questions and was an excellent demonstration of the relevance of Brecht today."
Danielle Hawkins, Chichester High School For Girls

"Uniformly first-class!"
Rhodri Punter, Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, Berkshire

"Lovely atmosphere and the pupils were totally inspired."
Pip Cawte, Corsham School, Wiltshire

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THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO UI - Autumn 2004 and Spring 2005

“The performance was the best piece of ‘Brecht’ we have ever seen – at school or in theatres.”
Emma Powell,Glyn Technology School, Surrey

“Generally pupils think his plays are boring but you brought ‘Arturo Ui’ to life for them. You allow pupils to see Brechtian theory and technique in action”
Andrea Asbury,Hull Colegiate School, Hull

“Lively, funny, accessible. Students enthralled”
Hazel Gibson,The McAuley Catholic High School, Doncaster

“An outstanding example of gestic acting and distancing techniques. Comedic and pacey”
Liz Johnson,John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge

“It was an excellent vehicle for teaching Brecht – full of Brechtian techniques.”
Rick Perrins,Esher College, Surrey

“Thank you for your enthusiastic and engaging work… the students are all buzzing about Brecht which was my aim for your visit...”
Nicola Nolan,King Edward VII School, Melton Mowbray

“It was impressive the range of skills presented and the final reincarnation of Hitler was mesmerising.”
Meg Beckett,Bedgebury School, Kent

“The energy and clarity of the performers was exceptional”
Alacoque Marvin,St Marys School, Menston, West Yorkshire

“You’ve inspired the group to consider a Brecht play for their final piece!”
Chris Tindsley,The Henrietta Barnett School, London

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