We are passionate about theatre!

We are passionate about theatre!

Splendid Productions is a theatre company and an education company. We create challenging, vibrant theatre for young people, and we provide expert training in all areas of drama from Practitioner theory to Presentation skills.

Since we began in 2003, we have gained an excellent reputation for both the inventiveness of our performances and the clarity of our teaching. We’re a small company and our priority is providing consistent, high-quality work for a growing band of regular clients. We’d love for you to be one of them!


New Production to be announced 3 June

Thank you to everybody who booked The Oresteia, or came to see a public performance. The tour is now finished, but here is a little placeholder message to say that we'll be announcing our tour for Sept 19 - April 20 on Monday 3 June, and we'll be taking bookings from then.

If you'd like earliest information about the tour, please sign up to our mailing list - it's easy and free!

The Oresteia: DVD, script and Teacher Pack available now

What better way to warm up a cold winter than with a FIERY FEAST OF FURIES?

The DVD, script and teacher pack of our unique adaptation of The Oresteia are now available to buy right now. You can get a taste of the production with our YouTube trailer above. Our three information-packed resources are available individually or together from the Splendid Shop, along with the rest of our arms-aloft teaching resources!

Come to the Splendid Shop

New! Stream Splendid Productions on vimeo

There is a new way to watch Splendid's marvellous selection of productions-on-film: on-demand, on the internet at vimeo.com.

Our adaptations of Dr Faustus, The Trial, Medea, Everyman, Woyzeck, Antigone, The Odyssey, Macbeth and Metamorphosis are now available to rent for instant viewing on computers, mobiles, tablets and smart TVs.

The rental period is 24hrs for £7.50, available worldwide, and includes our bonus rehearsal footage and audio commentary features.

Enjoy our ten-minute Splendid introduction 'We are Splendid Productions', or head to Splendid's vimeo channel to watch trailers for individual titles, or just binge-watch all nine shows in a row! (A free vimeo account is required for rentals.)

DVDs, scripts, teacher packs and mind maps are still available as always from the Splendid Shop.